• Horticultural LED Lighting
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    Horticultural LED Lighting

    LEDs are replacing most other technologies in a wide range of lighting applications. At the same time, farmers are recognizing the potential for using LED lighting to replace or supplement sunshine. LED lighting supplementing natural light in large greenhouses or ‘growing warehouses’ improves control over the nutrient balance and growth cycle of a wide range of plants. Artesyn is working with a manufacturer of agricultural LED lights that is using the LCC600 600-watt series conduction cooled AC-DC power supplies for their market-leading full-spectrum LED grow light. The company has been able to create an IP65 rated light for use in wet and humid conditions that saves over 40% on energy costs versus competing solutions and produces less heat than most of its competitors. 

  • Indoor Farming
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    Indoor Farming

    There is increasing interest in indoor farms, where shipping containers or similar structures are used to house shelves of plants, with lighting and nutrients supplied and carefully controlled to manage the growth of the crop. Advocates of this type of agriculture argue that this method of growing crops can be done closer to consumers (reducing food miles), without pesticides or other chemicals thanks to the contained environment, and using less water than conventional outdoor agriculture. One pioneering creator of indoor farming solutions has adopted the iHP series configurable digital high power system to provide the DC power for their custom-engineered horticultural LED lights. These provide specific photon wavelengths and intensity, enabling the customer to create customized “light recipes” for each crop. The iHP series provides up to 24 kW in 3 kW increments and can be configured for up to 8 outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules that address a large range of voltages and currents. It provides the user with analog and digital control as either a programmable voltage or current source. Using up to 99% less water, no pesticides or herbicides, reducing food miles by up to 93%, and having unrivalled control over the crops means that indoor farming may be the future for many communities around the world and off the planet.

  • Mass Spectrometer
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    Mass Spectrometer

    A supplier to the medical field required a power supply for a mass spectrometer. As a leading supplier of products for use in medical laboratories, Artesyn had the perfect solution. The IMP4 series carries full medical safety approvals and is an extremely flexible and versatile multi-output power solution, meeting the customer’s need for eight output voltages and the ability to tweak some outputs by 10% during development. These highly configurable AC-DC power supplies feature a PMBus™-compliant I2C serial interface that includes remote monitoring of voltage, current and temperature.

  • Laser Projector
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    Laser Projector

    A developer of laser fluorescence display technology, which breaks through the limits of traditional light sources such as LED and overcomes the shortcomings of RGB laser displays, needed a small, reliable power source for use in engineering projectors. They found Artesyn’s LCC600 series of AC-DC power supplies ideal for their needs with its compact 4 x 9 inch (101 x 228 mm) footprint, fanless operation, 600W output and 93% typical efficiency. A strong relationship with the customer and undeniable product quality ensured Artesyn’s LCC600 series has replaced a less reliable unit from a competitor. 

  • Medical & Cosmetic Ultrasound
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    Medical & Cosmetic Ultrasound

    A leading supplier of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices used in medical and cosmetic applications required a multi-output power supply with international medical approvals. Demonstrating the diverse fields Artesyn’s products can be used in, the MicroMP (uMP) series of digitally-configurable AC-DC power supplies provided the ideal solution. Having a range of medical safety approvals that are recognized worldwide, this compact series with a power range of 400-1800W is perfect for the client’s product which is used in medical and cosmetic procedures, such as face-lifts. Artesyn engineers were also able to modify the uMP series units to meet the client’s request that the power supply meet a particular leakage current specification of less than 300 mA.