• Casino Gaming
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    Casino Gaming

    One of the world’s largest suppliers of gaming technology to casinos and other entertainment venues was facing challenges with the electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the power supply selected for one of its next generation electronic slot machines. Not wanting to take a gamble on a poor quality product, the company approached Artesyn for a solution through one of our specialist distribution integrators in the region. Thanks to outstanding pre-sales technical support, the customer quickly selected and tested the LCM600 series AC-DC power supply to replace the competitor’s unit. Artesyn’s LCM series offers a very cost-effective, single-output bulk front-end power solution with the added benefit of digital control, which enables us to rapidly modify them to suit a customer’s exact specifications. 

  • Road Signage
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    Road Signage

    Toll roads are becoming more commonplace on today’s busy road networks and they require reliable and low maintenance power supplies. When a manufacturer of toll road systems needed a suitable power supply, Artesyn’s LCC250 series proved to be the perfect solution.  This AC-DC power supply is fully-enclosed with IP64 protection against the ingress of dust and water, making it ideal for applications such as toll road systems, outdoor signage and telecom installations. The power supplies are fanless which minimizes dust and provides a low maintenance product. The baseplate provides a conduction cooling and the LCC series has a wide operating temperature, making it suitable for use in varying weathers.

  • Naval Sonar
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    Naval Sonar

    Undersea defense systems can be fitted to submarines, surface ships, helicopters, aircraft and unmanned naval systems to protect operational armed forces from underwater attack. A leading prime contractor and integrator of sonar, acoustic and communications systems needed more power for the RF amplifiers in its latest naval sonar system as it evolves to deal with ever-changing threats. Artesyn’s new iHP series configurable precision high power AC-DC system is ideal to provide the 400 Vdc at 112 amps needed by this customer.  It provides high accuracy, resolution and stability as either a voltage or current source with up to 24 kW in 3kW increments and can be configured for up to 8 outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules that address a large range of voltages and currents.

  • 5G Network Demonstration
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    5G Network Demonstration

    5th generation mobile networks, abbreviated 5G, are the proposed next communication standards beyond the 4G networks still being deployed around the world today. In addition to higher speed connections, 5G standards aim to provide more capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher number of mobile broadband users and devices per area unit, and making subscribers’ higher data consumption more cost-effective for network operators. 5G also aims to lower the cost and latency (for lower battery consumption) of device-to-device communication, for better implementation of the internet of things (IoT). Two leading network equipment manufacturers are testing 5G remote radio head (RRH) implementations using Artesyn’s 700 watt ADH700 half-brick 28 volt output DC-DC converter module, which is optimized for RF power amplifier applications. The ADH700 series is suited to the standard 48 volt telecom input requirement and a base plate option enables the modules to be conduction or contact-cooled.

    The ADH700 is now available in a 50 volt output variant, allowing customers to retain their design as they move to Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF power devices for greater power density, higher efficiency and many other benefits. Many new projects follow this evolutionary approach, leveraging 4.5G to 5G designs for both the development of technology demonstration systems and for production systems. Artesyn’s range of high performance telecom and RF power amplifier bricks, available with different voltage variants, enable engineers to move easily from one design to the next with minimal changes required to the power-delivery solution and, as the power modules follow an industry-standard format, the system mechanics can remain exactly the same.

  • Wind Turbines
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    Wind Turbines

    A customer required a power supply for an excitation voltage generator for use in wind turbines. Supplying the solution was a breeze for Artesyn as its iVS8H series offers  a high voltage, configurable power system with microprocessor-controlled PFC front end which accepts intelligent DC-DC converter modules. The customer required a single high voltage output and the versatile nature of the series meant they could use three single output modules in parallel to obtain 14kW total output. The customer was impressed with the extremely flexibility and versatility of this multi-output power solution.