• Digital Mammography
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    Digital Mammography

    Mammography is specialized medical imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts. A mammography exam, called a mammogram, aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. A leading manufacturer of mammography systems approached Artesyn regarding their new digital product. The equipment needed 4 output voltages but these had to be adjustable during the development phase of the product. As this customer was looking to develop quickly, the power supply had to be a standard product and medically approved. The Artesyn MicroMP (uMP) series configurable power supply fit the bill and at a cost that rivalled some non-configurable options.

  • Surgical Operating Table
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    Surgical Operating Table

    A manufacturer of advanced surgical operating tables approached Artesyn with a specific set of requirements for their next generation medical product. Providing a 24V output and the ability to drive the motor in the bed were relatively common and straightforward needs. More challenging was the need for no audible noise for patient comfort, support for constant current mode operation and medical safety approvals. Artesyn’s LCC250 series conduction-cooled AC-DC power supplies fit the bill with a minor modification to support the motor drive specification. The customer was also looking for DC-DC modules and appreciated the benefits of sourcing all these power requirements from a single trusted supplier.

  • Industrial 3D Printing
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    Industrial 3D Printing

    It is now possible to 3D print almost anything, from body parts to cars. 3D printing is hailed as the next industrial revolution and the printers themselves range from small desktop units for hobbyists to massive industrial machines designed for production-grade manufacturing. When a maker of high-speed industrial 3D printers was looking for cost-effective but quiet 600-watt power supplies for their latest machine, the developers turned to the Artesyn LCM600 series. These power supplies are available with sophisticated smart fan algorithms providing low-noise performance. The digitally controlled topology of the LCM600 series provides the highest level of flexibility with simple software changes to suit the client's needs.

  • Stage and Studio LED Lighting
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    Stage and Studio LED Lighting

    Innovative lighting can bring a stage or studio performance to life, adding atmosphere or drama. These types of luminaires are increasingly using LEDs as they provide higher efficiency and longer life than traditional lightbulbs. A leading manufacturer of stage and studio lighting is using Artesyn’s AIF series power factor correction (PFC) modules to increase the efficiency of the power supplies used in their lighting fixtures.

  • Digital Currency
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    Digital Currency

    Digital currency or digital money, the most well-known of which is Bitcoin, is an increasingly popular medium of exchange. The hardware required to create (sometimes called mining), manage and assure this Internet-based currency is often based on specialized processor technology drawing massive amounts of power. Artesyn is supplying its high power, high density bulk front end power supply in the industry standard 1U x 2U form factor, the DS1200, to a developer of transaction verification and mining technology. Working closely with an expert local channel partner, the digital control built into this power supply series enabled the units to be modified by software to meet the customer’s exact needs.