• Laser Projector
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    Laser Projector

    A developer of laser fluorescence display technology, which breaks through the limits of traditional light sources such as LED and overcomes the shortcomings of RGB laser displays, needed a small, reliable power source for use in engineering projectors. They found Artesyn’s LCC600 series of AC-DC power supplies ideal for their needs with its compact 4 x 9 inch (101 x 228 mm) footprint, fanless operation, 600W output and 93% typical efficiency. A strong relationship with the customer and undeniable product quality ensured Artesyn’s LCC600 series has replaced a less reliable unit from a competitor. 

  • Medical & Cosmetic Ultrasound
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    Medical & Cosmetic Ultrasound

    A leading supplier of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices used in medical and cosmetic applications required a multi-output power supply with international medical approvals. Demonstrating the diverse fields Artesyn’s products can be used in, the MicroMP (uMP) series of digitally-configurable AC-DC power supplies provided the ideal solution. Having a range of medical safety approvals that are recognized worldwide, this compact series with a power range of 400-1800W is perfect for the client’s product which is used in medical and cosmetic procedures, such as face-lifts. Artesyn engineers were also able to modify the uMP series units to meet the client’s request that the power supply meet a particular leakage current specification of less than 300 mA.

  • Immune Detection
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    Immune Detection

    A customer approached Artesyn with a requirement for a cost effective AC-DC power supply for their new immune detection and diagnostic device. This product needed to offer reliable and stable performance. Artesyn’s sales engineers recommended the LCM600Q-T-N enclosed unit, part of the LCM series of distributed power, front-end AC-DC power supplies, which ranges from 300 to 1500 watts output power. With industrial and medical safety approvals, these digitally-controlled power supplies can deliver up to 600 watts and offer versatile bulk power for a wide variety of industrial, medical, military and process automation applications. The customer was impressed with the efficiency of the device (typically 89%) and its reliability, considering how cost-effective it is in the market. Thanks to excellent technical advice from Artesyn’s field sales engineers, and local support from Artesyn’s channel partner, the customer is now considering Artesyn as it develops new instruments for laboratories, food testing and gene detection.

  • Industrial Switchgear
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    Industrial Switchgear

    A leading industrial equipment manufacturer with a focus on automation switchgear needed a small, reliable and cost effective power supply. With a compact 2” x 4” open-frame footprint and reassuring output overvoltage and short-circuit protection, Artesyn’s NPS60-M series was the perfect solution. Providing 60 watts of output power, these AC-DC switch-mode units are ideal for the diverse range of applications the customer required. Thanks to the close collaboration of Artesyn’s expert sales engineers with the customer’s R&D and procurement teams, these power supplies are now being installed in manufacturing facilities worldwide. Artesyn is now working with the customer to see how its other power conversion solutions can help them.

  • Video Surveillance Switch
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    Video Surveillance Switch

    Video surveillance technology has moved on since the days of grainy black-and-white images feeding on-site control rooms. HD is standard and cameras now have infrared, wide dynamic range, facial detection, object counting, intrusion detection capabilities, and much more. IP technology and new video compression codecs are enabling smart recording, remote control and integration with other enterprise systems. These cutting-edge solutions serve a diverse group of vertical markets, including government, retail, banking and finance, transportation, healthcare, gaming, education, commercial and residential applications. At the heart of one of the latest large-scale surveillance systems is a switch that provides the intelligence and performance demanded by customers. When one of the world’s largest providers of video surveillance technology was looking for a power supply for their next generation switch, they turned to Artesyn and the DS460S series server power supply. This bulk front end unit is now providing a 1+1 redundant power supply to keep people safe all over the world.