• Video Matrix
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    Video Matrix

    Video walls have long been used in entertainment venues and are becoming increasingly popular in a wider range of applications including medical displays. These can vary in size and scope from using multiple LCD screens or projectors to large installations using LED matrix technology. An innovative company that focuses on high resolution, high quality products was looking for a high efficiency, high reliability AC-DC power supply for its LED matrix switching system. The unit itself looks much like a 19-inch rackmount bladed server, but with massive amounts of specialist graphics processing and IO. The company selected Artesyn’s DS495SPE series 1U front-end power supply and uses it in a 1+1 redundant configuration. The 80plus Platinum efficiency certification and Artesyn’s reputation for reliable server power supplies made this an easy choice.

  • Network Switching
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    Network Switching

    A developer of telecom and networking equipment has selected Artesyn’s DS650 series AC-DC power supply for its new core network switch, which combines routing, switching and security control among other functions. Designed from the ground up to be ultra-secure, the new switch includes proprietary packet processing silicon, network protocol hardware and software, and add-in cards. Proving to be the perfect solution for the customer, the Artesyn server power supply provides 1+1 redundancy, supporting the switch’s highly-reliable design philosophy.

  • Energy Storage
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    Energy Storage

    Battery energy storage systems (ESS) are becoming an increasingly popular way to capture electricity produced by renewable methods (solar, wind) at one time for use at a later time. These systems scale from residential, commercial and UPS systems in the KWh range to MWh systems designed for utility grid-level use. Energy storage is used to maximize investment in renewable generation sources, provide consistent power for remote wireless network base stations and stabilize the output of renewable energy into transmission grids.

    An original manufacturer of innovative battery technology is using Artesyn’s LCM1500 series AC-DC power supply in its new energy storage systems thanks to the company’s ability to rapidly modify the unit (due to its digital control loop) and provide a working sample quickly. Artesyn was also able to model the performance of the power supply according to the customer’s specific requirements and produce a detailed application test note from its dedicated customer support lab, which the customer praised as outstanding technical support.

  • Lite Etching
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    Lite Etching

    Wafer fabrication equipment is used to produce complete electrical or photonic circuits. Examples include production of radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, LEDs, optical computer components, and CPUs for computers. One of the steps within the wafer fabrication process is lite etching, where blank wafers with micrometer photoresist patterns on their surface are exposed to short-wave ultraviolet light and the unexposed areas are thus etched away. A supplier of lite etching equipment to fabs worldwide was looking for a reliable 600 watt single output AC-DC power supply with global support that offered good value. The company selected the Artesyn LCM600 series thanks to short lead times and low minimum order quantities, which accelerated the development and integration of the lite etching system.

    Artesyn has invested in the manufacturing of the LCM family, including greater automation, to shorten lead times and lower the minimum order quantity for non-stock units. The quality and reliability of the LCM series units are assured through careful component selection, automated production processes and sophisticated circuit design. Variable-speed ‘Smart Speed’ fans draw on software controls developed by Artesyn to match fan speed to the unit’s cooling requirement and load current. Slowing the fan not only saves power but also reduces wear, thus extending its life. Digital control also enables the LCM family to be rapidly and cost-effectively modified to suit the exact needs of a customer application.

  • Network Security
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    Network Security

    The security of carrier networks has never been more important. As our world becomes increasingly connected, internet security management is facing unprecedented challenges. An innovative supplier of leading edge network security equipment was looking for reliable and cost-effective redundant power supplies from a trusted supplier for several of its next generation products.

    The company engaged with Artesyn’s technical experts and developed a good working relationship, leading to the selection of both the DS495SPE-3 and DS750PED-3 AC-DC bulk front-end server-type models to provide redundant power conversion.

    These latest DS series AC-DC power supplies from Artesyn are designed to provide a scalable power conversion solution in an industry-standard 1U high by 86mm wide form factor with individual power ratings from 500 to 2,000 watts and a roadmap for higher power models. This customer has selected the models with the power ratings it needs today and has the confidence to raise or lower the power rating as it develops future generations of products, while keeping the same mechanical envelope.