• Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
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    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

    Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of examining and managing network traffic. It is a form of packet filtering that locates, identifies, classifies, reroutes or blocks packets with specific data or code payloads. DPI servers examine the contents of packets passing through a given checkpoint and make real-time decisions based on rules assigned by an enterprise, internet service provider (ISP) or network manager, depending on what a packet contains. DPI servers are deployed to provide network security and quality-of-service. An innovative provider of DPI servers has selected Artesyn’s CSU550 AC-DC CRPS power supply as it develops a complete turnkey solution for network security. Artesyn’s long history of developing high quality server power supplies, with a long list of tier one customers, gave this DPI server manufacturer confidence in their selection.

  • Digital Signage
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    Digital Signage

    Advertising is big business and billboards are no longer simply huge posters. They can now display real time video content, helping retailers drive sales and communicate more effectively.  A leader in the provision of these screens required a power supply which would enable its screens to run efficiently, for a long time, with minimal maintenance, at both indoor and outdoor locations. Artesyn was able to offer a combination of the LCC600 and LCC250 power supplies as the perfect solution. These models are ideal for outdoor screens as the robust enclosures are resistant to dust and moisture. They are equally suitable for indoor applications as the absence of cooling fans can help minimize dust and noise. The PMBus communication interface facilitates remote set-up and monitoring, making them easy to integrate into the end application.

  • Immunoassay
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    A manufacturer of in-vitro devices (IVD) has selected Artesyn’s LCM600 AC-DC power supply for its next generation fully automated immunoassay analyzer with the aim of making the latest medical advancements more cost-effective for the world’s laboratories.

    Immunoassays are biochemical tests which measure the presence or concentration of a substance, including blood analysis, providing information for diagnostic, monitoring or compatibility purposes.

    Artesyn’s medically-approved* LCM600 provides a reliable, high-quality power supply at a reasonable price. The result is a high performing blood analyzer with a throughput of up to 500 tests per hour with the first report available in just 30 minutes and an intuitive, simple design. 

    * Models tested according to the medical standard IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition.  

  • Optometry Measurement
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    Optometry Measurement

    One of the critical measurements that an optometrist or optician makes when you have an eye examination and need spectacles are the horizontal and vertical centration, which ensures that the area of the lens where the prescription is most effective is placed at the optimum point for the individual patient. These measurements, including one sometimes called inter-pupillary distance or centration distance, are traditionally made manually with the aid of a millimeter ruler. A leading supplier of optical health equipment has developed a digital system that offers highly accurate 3D centration and innovative features to create a memorable experience for patients. The customer chose to power the system with Artesyn’s LCC600 conduction cooled power supply as they wanted to avoid noisy fans and have a supply with the latest medical approvals. A maximum leakage current of less than 400 µA and protection against contact thanks to being fully enclosed also made the LCC600 series the ideal power supply for this innovative development in optical healthcare.

  • 3D Printing
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    3D Printing

    3D printing is no longer a concept for the future – it’s a reality for today with printers being used to produce a huge range of things from everyday objects to commercial products and manufacturing parts. A producer of printers, PCs and mobile devices was looking for an alternative to its existing power supply for one of its 3D printers. Their product, used for industrial prototyping and final part production environments, required a highly reliable yet cost-effective solution. Artesyn’s LCM1500 fit the bill with its 1500 watt output power, high efficiency (89% typical) in a low cost package. The customer saw the benefits of Artesyn’s excellent technical support, product availability and price, and replaced two competitor units with the LCM1500.