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New Artesyn 1000 W Module for MicroMP Configurable Power Supply Can Replace Four Individual Modules at Half the Price

Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced a new 1000 watt module for its next generation MicroMP (µMP) configurable power supply.

Previously, applications that require a single output voltage around 1000 W would have used four single slot modules tied in parallel, but this new 1000 W module replaces those four modules with a single three-slot module, not only saving a slot but also half the cost of the previous four-module solution.



The SK module offers a nominal 24 V or 48 V output, adjustable from 18 to 30 V or 33 to 60 V respectively. It is ideal for medical and industrial applications requiring one higher power output with multiple additional outputs, which can be configured between 0.9 and 60 V using the existing µMP modules, enabling nearly limitless output power configurations. With modules connected in series the µMP16 case can achieve output voltages up to 360 Vdc.


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