Choosing a Medical Power Supply

Selecting the right power supply for your medical product or application can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be painful.

Beyond the standard electrical and mechanical parameters, medical product designers have to consider AC leakage, medical safety requirements and availability for the full life cycle of their product.

There are also many manufacturers offering ‘medical-grade’ power supplies that may look no different to their commercial-grade counterparts.

This paper is designed to give you the knowledge that is critical to that decision-making process and provide the tools to simplify your evaluation of manufacturers and their product offerings.

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About this White Paper

We start with an introduction to the medical safety approvals covering power supplies, including AC leakage current, and MOOP/MOPP. Then we cover electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) including the changes introduced by the fourth edition medical standard.

This is followed by a discussion on the decision-making process, covering:

  • Build vs. buy
  • Standard product vs. custom design vs. configurable options
  • Embedded units vs. external adapters for low power

Evaluation Tools

We then provide you with evaluation tools for the quality system of your power supply vendor, which is as important as the product specification.

The next section looks at key considerations in the design process so you can evaluate your supplier’s capabilities when it comes to designing a medical-grade power supply.

Handy Checklist

The white paper ends with a checklist of considerations to help you when specifying a medical power supply, information on the classification of medical equipment and some background on medical power supply advances, covering key technology improvements and digital control for power supplies.

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