Hot-Pluggable PSU

Hot plugging is the ability to replace or install a system component without shutting down the attached rack or server. Hot pluggable power supply units (PSUs) can be removed and installed while the server is running without affecting the rest of the server’s capabilities. Hot plugging or hot swapping gets its name because devices are swapped while a computer is running - or hot. Sometimes known as a dual redundant power supply, Artesyn’s range is designed for enterprise servers, storage servers, network computers and other computing appliances.

4.4 kW 12 V Backup Power Shelf

  • 4.4 kW power for 15 minutes
  • Three (3) 1.47 kW BBU modules
  • 21” rack, 1U height
  • Hot swappable BBU modules
  • I 2 C for remote management

18 kW 12 V BBU Shelf

  • 18 kW power for three (3) minutes
  • Six (6) 3 kW BBU modules
  • 19” rack, 2U height
  • Hot swappable BBU modules
  • RMC for remote management

OCS Architecture

  • Platinum-level efficiency
  • 1600 W PSU with optional battery back-up (BBU) power; up to six (6) PSU in parallel
  • Battery provides >35 seconds run time (plus 10 second ‘walk-in’ period)
  • Flexible, optimized, customizable chassis/rack-level deployments

PS1000 and PL1000 12 V PSUs Project Olympus Architecture

  • 92% peak efficiency
  • 1000 W PSU
  • Internal 680 W N+1 redundant
  • Dual three-phase AC input with input voltage selector
  • Fault mode resiliency
  • PMBus ® compliant
  • PL1000 Includes embedded BBU

PS1650 12 V PSU Project Olympus Architecture

  • 91% peak efficiency
  • 1650 W PSU
  • Fault mode resiliency
  • Up to four (4) hot pluggable PSUs per system
  • PMBus compliant