• Commercial Coffee Vending Machine
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    Commercial Coffee Vending Machine

    A cup of freshly-ground coffee from one of the latest commercial machines can awaken your senses. Artesyn has helped a manufacturer of these high quality branded machines to get more fine hot beverages into the hands of customers with a simple modification to a standard power supply. The LPS100-M low power open frame series provided the quality needed and Artesyn’s sales engineers, marketing team and engineers came together to give this customer the flexibility they needed. Enjoy your coffee!

  • Open Compute Servers
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    Open Compute Servers

    An international original design manufacturer of cloud computing products, services and solutions wanted a high performance power supply for a new category of open compute servers. Leveraging Local Energy Storage (LES) technology developed by Microsoft, Artesyn’s power conversion experts developed a 1600 watt server power supply with ultra-high density and digital control capability with options for LES and non-LES units.  Thanks to close collaboration with the customer’s R&D team, the power supply has been successfully deployed in data centers worldwide.

  • Video Wall

    Video Wall

    A manufacturer of professional audio/video equipment needed a reliable redundant power source for their family of multi-viewer servers for products such as video walls. These innovative products scale from small units that support 4 screens up to full bladed servers driving up to 72 screens and are used in mission-critical monitoring, command-and-control and entertainment applications. Artesyn’s DS460S met all the reliability, efficiency and functional needs of this application while also providing digital management capabilities in a cost-effective package. 

  • Medical CT Scanner
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    Medical CT Scanner

    A world renowned medical equipment provider required a versatile multi-output power supply for their next generation CT scanner. The customer needed a trusted supplier to bring a partnership approach to solving this challenge. Artesyn proposed the MicroMP (µMP) configurable unit as it provides the reliability, increased capabilities and accuracy needed for this type of technology. The availability of the product and Artesyn’s technical expertise and support allowed the customer to focus on innovating their own products and solutions. A custom option in this instance would have taken considerable time, cost more and provided limited on-going technical support. Artesyn’s µMP series configurable power supplies compare favorably on cost with non-configurable products while providing the high performance and flexibility required when building large complex medical equipment.

  • Wireless Multimode Access System
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    Wireless Multimode Access System

    A major provider of wireless infrastructure equipment turned to Artesyn for a combination of DC-DC converters when looking for board mounted power (BMP) solutions for their next generation multimode access system design, which leverages Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. This unit provides LTE, WCDMA and UMTS technology in a single system. The company selected Artesyn’s AGF800 and AVQ100.

    Housed in a full-brick format, the AGF800 series offers greater than 95% peak efficiency and a wide input range of 36 to 75 V. The customer selected Artesyn’s 48 V model (AGF800-48S48), which is designed to match the increased power density and higher efficiency approach of high power wireless base station (BTS) deployments using GaN technology.

    For the digital communications signal processing subsystem, the customer selected Artesyn’s AVQ100 series of 100W quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converters. Having a standard quarter-brick as a common form-factor across multiple product lines made it easier for the customer to integrate the AVQ100 series into its system and the baseplate option simplified thermal management by fixing to the IP65 sealed enclosure’s own heatsink. What’s more, Artesyn has ensured the AVQ100 series is a cost-sensitive design for this competitive market.