• Multiservice Aggregation
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    Multiservice Aggregation

    A provider of network access solutions and devices has integrated Artesyn’s AVD100 series DC-DC converters into its IP/MPLS provider edge (PE) router and pre-aggregation device, which is used for a number of applications such as backhaul FTTH, leased line services, mobile backhaul, and wholesale businesses using aggregation devices on a carrier network. The AVD series of 100 to 120 watt 16th-brick isolated DC-DC converters are optimized for high density applications with restricted space, offering excellent thermal performance and up to 92.5% efficiency. The converters use 250 kHz fixed frequency switching to minimize the need for external EMI filtering, which was an important factor in the selection process, along with Artesyn’s technical support and a high level of service from Artesyn’s local distribution channel partner.

  • LTE Micro Base Station
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    LTE Micro Base Station

    When a maker of LTE wireless broadband access solutions was looking for a high density 48 Vin DC-DC converter for an innovative LTE micro base station, it selected Artesyn’s small but powerful 120W AVO120 series 8th-brick module.

    This isolated unit supports the base station’s power amplifier and provides a regulated low-noise 12 Vdc output for downstream non-isolated conversion for logic/communications circuitry.

    The innovations built into the new base station are matched by the high density and reliability of Artesyn’s industry-standard, compact telecom brick and have helped this customer to create one of the lightest and most powerful micro base stations in the world.

  • Laser Skin Therapy
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    Laser Skin Therapy

    Our skin shows the effects of the environment, the use of products and many other internal and external factors, including ageing. Acne scars, spider veins, dark circles and other skin conditions can affect our self esteem and mental wellbeing. Laser therapy uses long-pulsed combination laser light to provide a range of treatments for skin toning and rejuvenation. A leading maker of medical aesthetic devices was looking for a fanless power supply for its new laser skin therapy product, which is used in specialist clinics all over the world. The company selected Artesyn’s LCC600 series, which uses conduction cooling rather than fans or convection. The unit is carefully designed to direct any heat to a baseplate through which the heat is dissipated to the outside of the end product. With worldwide medical safety approvals, the LCC600 series met this company’s requirement for global support.

  • 5G Base Band Unit
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    5G Base Band Unit

    The 5G wireless network is fundamentally different to its predecessors, requiring new types of equipment. One example is support within the radio access network (RAN) for flexible architecture sometimes referred to as dynamic Cloud-RAN, which can be implemented using the concepts of virtualization and software-defined networking. A leading supplier of 5G RAN equipment has developed one of the first commercially deployed Base Band Units (BBU) for this next-generation network, which is the network function that combines with a Remote Radio Head (RRH) as the first connection point for consumers into the network. The BBU uses Artesyn’s AVQ400 quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter, which provide up to 400 watts output power and up to 33 amps current. This high-specification DC-DC module is designed specifically to provide a regulated low noise 12 Vdc output for feeding downstream non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters in systems with distributed power architectures (DPA).

  • Optical Transport for 5G
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    Optical Transport for 5G

    The radio access network (RAN) is not the only part of the telecom network that will be affected by the rollout of 5G networks. The rest of the telecoms industry is gearing up for higher traffic volumes and data speeds. To cope with the demands of 5G wireless networks, the latest optical (WDM/OTN) transmission equipment requires increasingly powerful processors.

    Most processors with this kind of power share two features: an increasingly low operating voltage with an increasingly high load current.

    A telecom equipment manufacturer required a powerful processor for the processing unit in its latest optical transmission equipment. Artesyn’s LGA80D digital DC-DC power module, with its high output current at operating voltages as low as 1.05V and 0.95V, proved to be the ideal solution.

    The LG80D module is a highly efficient power module with a high power density in a low profile, and the ability to be connected easily in parallel. The integrated PMBus interface gives the added benefit of easy performance monitoring of the LGA80D power module. With 20 optical switch ports, this customer’s new optical transmission equipment has enough capacity to support the high data flow of 5G networks.