• Biochemical Blood Tester
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    Biochemical Blood Tester

    Immunoassay or biochemical testing is becoming more automated as hospitals and laboratories deal with increasing demands for blood analysis. Artesyn’s Intelligent VS (iVS) series configurable AC-DC power supply is being used in a next generation immunoassay system from one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare equipment. Their requirement for multiple outputs with some at non-standard voltages and a total power output of 4.5 kW and medical approval is exactly what the iVS series was designed for.

  • LED Displays Controllers
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    LED Displays Controllers

    LED display controllers are often used to drive the massive screens at sporting events, entertainment venues and major cultural events. A leading display control solution provider selected Artesyn’s NPS40-M series open frame power supply for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Artesyn’s close relationship and outstanding local technical support helped this customer complete their development quickly and capture market share with a new product line.

  • Commercial Coffee Vending Machine
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    Commercial Coffee Vending Machine

    A cup of freshly-ground coffee from one of the latest commercial machines can awaken your senses. Artesyn has helped a manufacturer of these high quality branded machines to get more fine hot beverages into the hands of customers with a simple modification to a standard power supply. The LPS100-M low power open frame series provided the quality needed and Artesyn’s sales engineers, marketing team and engineers came together to give this customer the flexibility they needed. Enjoy your coffee!

  • Open Compute Servers
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    Open Compute Servers

    An international original design manufacturer of cloud computing products, services and solutions wanted a high performance power supply for a new category of open compute servers. Leveraging Local Energy Storage (LES) technology developed by Microsoft, Artesyn’s power conversion experts developed a 1600 watt server power supply with ultra-high density and digital control capability with options for LES and non-LES units.  Thanks to close collaboration with the customer’s R&D team, the power supply has been successfully deployed in data centers worldwide.

  • Video Wall

    Video Wall

    A manufacturer of professional audio/video equipment needed a reliable redundant power source for their family of multi-viewer servers for products such as video walls. These innovative products scale from small units that support 4 screens up to full bladed servers driving up to 72 screens and are used in mission-critical monitoring, command-and-control and entertainment applications. Artesyn’s DS460S met all the reliability, efficiency and functional needs of this application while also providing digital management capabilities in a cost-effective package.