• Memory Wafer Testing
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    Memory Wafer Testing

    Modern electronic devices rely on stable DDR memory for fast, reliable operation. With the increasing potential for errors in semiconductor memory subsystems and with smaller feature sizes and higher memory transfer rates, testing has become a key element in ensuring the reliability of flash memory. 

    An innovative flash memory developer and manufacturer is using Advanced Energy’s Artesyn ADQ800 series DC-DC modules to support its high-parallel DDR wafer testing system. This low profile unit packs a punch – rated at 800 watts, and delivering up to 70 amps output current with no minimum load requirement. With ultra-high efficiency and an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85˚C, the ADQ800 is the ideal choice for the isolated converter in a distributed power architecture supplying power to non-isolated converters. 

  • PCR
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    An innovative provider of molecular diagnostics is using Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM600 series AC-DC power supply to support its real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection devices.

    PCR is a method widely used to rapidly make and study millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, therefore the product needed to offer reliable and stable performance.

    The low noise Artesyn LCM600Q model was ideal for quiet laboratory environments. With industrial and medical safety approvals, these digitally controlled power supplies can deliver up to 600 watts and offer versatile bulk power for a wide variety of industrial, medical, military and process automation applications.

  • Tethered Drone Lighting
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    Tethered Drone Lighting

    A leader in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology is using Advanced Energy’s Artesyn AIF06ZPFC power supply to support its tethered drone high intensity lighting platform.

    Because the automated launch-and-landing workstation provides lighting for emergency relief, major events and aerial surveillance, the power supply must offer reliable and stable performance in a variety of environmental conditions.

    Designed to operate consistently in demanding environments, AE’s Artesyn AIF06ZPFC series served as an excellent choice to deliver stable, long endurance power. Supplying up to 2,400 watts output power within an operating temperature range of -40 to 100°C, the AIF06ZPFC provides the high reliability demanded by the application.

  • Fiberglass Production
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    Fiberglass Production

    An innovative provider of industrial automation technology is using Advanced Energy’s Thyro-PX SCR power controller and Thyro-Touch displays to support the production of environmentally engineered fiberglass.

    Because control systems for glass production must meet the highest standards of accuracy and repeatability, the solution must offer precision, consistency, reliability and flexible control. High efficiency is also a critical factor considering the amount of energy required in glass production and the rising cost of energy. Built for demanding thermal applications, the high-performance Thyro-PX SCR controller was the ideal choice to precisely regulate the power using digital control. The customer also deployed the Thyro-Touch display unit to simplify operations, offering unrivaled flexibility and performance

  • Industrial Robotics
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    Industrial Robotics

    A collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer has selected Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM series of digitally-controlled AC-DC power supplies for its next generation industrial robotic arms. Designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of highly automated applications in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, this family of robots needed cost-effective bulk power with some flexibility.

    The cobot manufacturer integrated the LCM600 series and LCM1500 series with modifications made by our engineering team to effectively handle the peak current draw and back EMF during operation.  Our experts also implemented special updates to meet ENERGY STAR Version 8.0 power consumption levels while the power supplies are in standby-passive mode. With the choice of several models delivering between 300 and 3000 watts of continuous power, the LCM series provide the customer with the range it needs to suit a variety of process automation applications.