• In-Building Cellular Coverage
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    In-Building Cellular Coverage

    The reliability of indoor cellular service is an important component of consumer mobile service needs. Surveys suggest that network coverage is now the most important element for consumers when choosing a mobile provider – even more so than cost.

    A wireless cellular product and service provider integrated Advanced Energy’s Artesyn CNS650-MU series into the primary distribution hub for its active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for in-building cellular and public safety connectivity.

    This hub converts the RF signal from the source to a digital signal for distribution around the building using fiber optic cables. The Artesyn CNS650-MU series offers 650 W fan cooled or 400 W convection cooled output power and provides reliable support for the 24/7 operation of this critical communications equipment. A built-in EMI filter enables the series to meet the more stringent Class B limits.

  • Intelligent Logistics
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    Intelligent Logistics

    Intelligent warehouses and sorting facilities use sophisticated tracking and material handling technologies including cobots (collaborative robots) and automated guide vehicles (AGVs) to transport items. A major manufacturer of industrial transportation equipment has integrated Advanced Energy’s Artesyn iHP high power system into the charging stations for its latest generation AGVs. The Artesyn iHP is a configurable, intelligent high-power system that provides up to 24 kW in 3 kW increments across eight outputs using a variety of plug-in modules with a wide range of voltages and currents. Outputs can be paralleled up to 1600 A and run in series up to 1000 V.

  • Video Matrix
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    Video Matrix

    A leading audio-visual company that provides a wide range of video processing products to broadcasters, studios and production companies worldwide needed a highly reliable power supply to support its next generation hardware platform. Advanced Energy’s Artesyn CSU550AP series power supply provided the customer with high efficiency and reliability in a small form factor.

    Providing 1+1 redundancy for high availability applications, the CSU550AP series power supply is the ideal choice for server applications. Packing 550 watts of continuous power into a unit measuring just 2.89 x 7.28 inches (73.5 x 185.0 mm), the CSU550AP power supply delivers maximum output while freeing up valuable system space.

  • Satellite Ground Stations
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    Satellite Ground Stations

    Satellite Ground Stations (SGS) are surface-based facilities designed to collect and stream real-time data. Traditionally used by national weather and research centres, more recently they've been adopted by pioneering companies for innovative operations with Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. These constellations of CubeSats provide a range of functionality including monitoring air pollution, tracking shipping vessels at sea, improving agricultural yields, and broadband internet connectivity.

    An innovative space exploration corporation is using Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM3000 series AC-DC power supplies in its satellite ground stations to support the deployment of a global broadband internet service. Supporting a high power input of AC 200-240V and supplying up to 3000 watts of output power, the digitally controlled LCM3000 range provides highly reliable power to low latency networks. One of the great advantages of the Artesyn LCM series is Advanced Energy’s ability to rapidly modify it to suit the end application. In this instance, our technical team changed the output voltage and set a current limit to lock in the derating, so the unit is able to operate up to 70°C. In addition to customized cables and connectors, the team also made modifications to avoid nuisance circuit breaker trips during brown-outs.

  • EV Charging
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    EV Charging

    With the number of electric vehicles on the world's roads expected to reach 145 million by 2030, the need for a widely accessible and reliable charging infrastructure is crucial.

    A leading electric vehicle manufacturer needed a robust power supply, that performs well in wide temperature ranges, for its outdoor vehicle charging stations. Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCC600 series fanless power supply was able to meet those needs by supplying 600 watts of output power up to its maximum baseplate temperature of 85°C. With field-proven excellence in reliability, and options for fully-sealed variants with IP65 protection, these digitally controlled power supplies were the ideal solution for this EV charging application. Our team’s ability to rapidly modify this standard part to the customer’s specific needs combined with our high volume production capacity has helped drive this customer to choose Advanced Energy.