• Satellite Ground Stations
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    Satellite Ground Stations

    Satellite Ground Stations (SGS) are surface-based facilities designed to collect and stream real-time data. Traditionally used by national weather and research centres, more recently they've been adopted by pioneering companies for innovative operations with Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. These constellations of CubeSats provide a range of functionality including monitoring air pollution, tracking shipping vessels at sea, improving agricultural yields, and broadband internet connectivity.

    An innovative space exploration corporation is using Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM3000 series AC-DC power supplies in its satellite ground stations to support the deployment of a global broadband internet service. Supporting a high power input of AC 200-240V and supplying up to 3000 watts of output power, the digitally controlled LCM3000 range provides highly reliable power to low latency networks. One of the great advantages of the Artesyn LCM series is Advanced Energy’s ability to rapidly modify it to suit the end application. In this instance, our technical team changed the output voltage and set a current limit to lock in the derating, so the unit is able to operate up to 70°C. In addition to customized cables and connectors, the team also made modifications to avoid nuisance circuit breaker trips during brown-outs.

  • EV Charging
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    EV Charging

    With the number of electric vehicles on the world's roads expected to reach 145 million by 2030, the need for a widely accessible and reliable charging infrastructure is crucial.

    A leading electric vehicle manufacturer needed a robust power supply, that performs well in wide temperature ranges, for its outdoor vehicle charging stations. Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCC600 series fanless power supply was able to meet those needs by supplying 600 watts of output power up to its maximum baseplate temperature of 85°C. With field-proven excellence in reliability, and options for fully-sealed variants with IP65 protection, these digitally controlled power supplies were the ideal solution for this EV charging application. Our team’s ability to rapidly modify this standard part to the customer’s specific needs combined with our high volume production capacity has helped drive this customer to choose Advanced Energy.

  • Medical Ultrasound
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    Medical Ultrasound

    Ultrasound has been used by radiologists and sonographers to image the human body for at least 50 years. It’s become a widely used diagnostic tool to visualize muscles, tendons, and internal organs to capture their sizes, structures and any pathological lesions with real-time images.

    A New Generation of High Power, High Functionality Ultrasound Devices
    A medical equipment manufacturer needed a highly reliable 650-watt power supply with medical approvals and Type BF-ready. Advanced Energy’s Artesyn CNS650-M series met all the customer’s technical requirements in a compact, industry-standard 4-by-6-inch footprint. The CNS650-M series is available in 12, 24, or 48 V single output models with options for open-frame, cover with end-fan, or U-base mounting. These power supplies also offer a built-in PMBus® interface for flexible and comprehensive digital communication with control and monitoring functions.

  • Wide Format Printing
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    Wide Format Printing

    Over the past 20 years, the printing industry has changed dramatically, but thanks to technology advancements and a huge appetite for mass customization, wide-format printing has firmly cemented itself as a business necessity.

    A print giant was looking for a cost effective, digitally controlled power supply to incorporate into their large format printers. The LCM series AC-DC power supplies from Advanced Energy’s Artesyn product brand have built a reputation for outstanding quality and high efficiency at a competitive price, making it the perfect fit for the customer’s needs. The manufacturer selected multiple models from the LCM600 and LCM300 range, designed to provide a very economical bulk power solution of up to 300 or 600 watts respectively.

    Outstanding support made it easy to integrate the product into the client’s design and, having invested in the manufacturing of the LCM series, Advanced Energy has been able to shorten lead times and lower the minimum order quantity for non-stock units, accommodating supply requirements.

  • Sound Mixers
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    Sound Mixers

    The quality of the sound can make or break live events such as concerts, drama or dance performances and corporate presentations. At the heart of the audio system supporting these events is the sound desk or mixing console. These electronic devices, which combine sounds from many different audio sources, are also used in outside broadcast units and news studios.

    Arenas, convention centers, theatres and broadcasters are upgrading traditional analogue consoles for digital units offering functionality that sound engineers dream about. Even early adopters of digital mixing consoles are upgrading to the latest technology. One leading manufacturer of sound desks has integrated Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCC600 series fanless power supply into its latest generation digital mixing console to take advantage of its reliability and high power density.

    Packing 600 watts of output power into a unit measuring just 4 by 9 inches and 1.57 inches high (101 x 228 x 40mm), the LCC600 series conduction cooled power supplies can deliver full output power over a wide baseplate temperature range of -40 to +85˚C, ideal for the environments in which sound mixing consoles may be used. LCC series power supplies are housed in robust, sealed enclosures with optional IP65 protection against the ingress of dust and water. The LCC600 power supply features a universal 90-264 Vac input with optional 180-305 Vac input – enabling it to be used virtually anywhere in the world without adjustment. Sound engineers can focus on creating awesome soundscapes thanks to the reliability of Artesyn’s power supply.