• Broadcast O&M
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    Broadcast O&M

    Operations and maintenance (O&M) are the ‘back office’ in the world of broadcast and new media. Whether it is traditional television and radio or IPTV/OTT operators, the O&M platform covers sales, scheduling, finance and other functions. A provider of systems for O&M and signal monitoring, control and management has integrated the CSU550AP server power supply from Advanced Energy’s Artesyn product brand into its latest radio and television platform. Having suffered from using a competitor’s less reliable power supply, the customer was looking to improve reliability while remaining cost competitive.

    Artesyn’s CSU series builds on the brand’s many years of experience in providing power solutions to the world’s leading makers of IT equipment. It uses the latest power switching technology and high-density component packaging techniques in the standard market's Common Redundant Power Supplies (CRPS) form factor. Artesyn’s CRPS power supplies have been deployed worldwide in thousands of systems powering hundreds of applications, with a reliability record that is hard to beat.

  • Cloud Convergence Switch
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    Cloud Convergence Switch

    A leading provider of enterprise data center ICT equipment has selected the Artesyn CSU800AP server power supply for its next generation switches, which provide up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet switching for data centers and cloud computing services. The switches combine line-rate switching with rich functionality including advanced caching, virtualization, low latency and flow visualization to meet the needs of modern data centers.

    The customer, which provides end-to-end networking solutions for telecom carriers, financial services companies, government agencies, education institutions and other enterprises, was looking for a compact and reliable power supply with high efficiency. The CSU800AP power supply is significantly narrower and shorter than similarly rated earlier generation power supplies, which releases valuable system space, while still conforming to the standard market's Common Redundant Power Supplies (CRPS) specification. It is certified for Platinum Level efficiency, peaking at 94%. Digital control allows the customer to monitor and manage the power supply as part of its advanced system management architecture. This customer requested conformal coating of the standard unit to increase its robustness, a modification that Artesyn was happy to provide.

  • Nucleic Acid Extractor
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    Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Nucleic acids are not only a source of life but also a means of observing, understanding, and regulating it. Nucleic acid extraction is a vital first step in many areas of biological and medical sciences, enabling downstream applications such as restriction enzyme analysis, polymerase chain reactions (PCR), and different sequencing methods. These applications are used in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases as well as scientific research.

    An innovative provider of molecular diagnostic instruments is using Artesyn’s LCM600 series AC-DC power supply in its Nucleic Acid Extractor, which is used in labs all over the world to provide rapid and reliable results. The customer selected the low noise fan variant of the LCM600 series to ensure its product would be suitable for the lab environment. Artesyn’s LCM series power supplies are medically approved, which speeded up the customer’s own certifications. The customer also visited Artesyn’s dedicated customer applications laboratory to simplify the integration of the power supply into its product.

  • Massive LED Display Screens
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    Massive LED Display Screens

    A manufacturer of huge LED display screens, used at exhibitions in entertainment arenas, in public squares or as advertising displays by the side of highways, has selected Artesyn’s LCC600 conduction-cooled AC-DC power supply and AVO200 eighth-brick isolated DC-DC converter. Using a distributed power architecture, these units will be powering the customer’s latest LED display screens, which can be up to 40 meters wide. Having no fans, therefore no fan noise, was important to this customer so the LCC600 was the ideal solution. Artesyn’s reputation for high quality made it easy for this customer to select units from one of the world’s largest makers of power solutions.

  • 5G RRU
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    5G RRU

    The 5G network architecture deconstructs the traditional base station to separate the remote radio unit (RRU) or remote radio head (RRH) from the baseband (or digital) unit (BBU). The RRU is one of the most important subsystems in distributed base stations, containing the base station's RF circuitry plus analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converters and up/down converters. RRUs also have operation and management processing capabilities and a standardized optical interface to connect to the rest of the base station. They increase a base station's efficiency and enable easier physical location for gap coverage problems. A specialist developer of wireless communications equipment approached Artesyn early during the development of its next generation 5G RRU, which enabled Artesyn to use local field applications engineer expertise and quick availability of samples to help this customer create a highly optimized and differentiated remote radio unit. The RRU uses a combination of Artesyn’s ADO300, AVE450B and ADQ500 DC-DC converters to power various functions. The ADO 300 series is a 300W digital interface 1/8th brick, while the AVE450B is a 450W half-brick that provides a 28 volt output for the radio frequency power amplifier and the ADQ500 is a 500W quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter with digital control interface. As 5G networks are deployed around the world, this manufacturer can be confident that they have a power partner that will adapt to meet their needs.