• 5G Base Band Unit
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    5G Base Band Unit

    The 5G wireless network is fundamentally different to its predecessors, requiring new types of equipment. One example is support within the radio access network (RAN) for flexible architecture sometimes referred to as dynamic Cloud-RAN, which can be implemented using the concepts of virtualization and software-defined networking. A leading supplier of 5G RAN equipment has developed one of the first commercially deployed Base Band Units (BBU) for this next-generation network, which is the network function that combines with a Remote Radio Head (RRH) as the first connection point for consumers into the network. The BBU uses Artesyn’s AVQ400 quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter, which provide up to 400 watts output power and up to 33 amps current. This high-specification DC-DC module is designed specifically to provide a regulated low noise 12 Vdc output for feeding downstream non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters in systems with distributed power architectures (DPA).

  • Optical Transport for 5G
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    Optical Transport for 5G

    The radio access network (RAN) is not the only part of the telecom network that will be affected by the rollout of 5G networks. The rest of the telecoms industry is gearing up for higher traffic volumes and data speeds. To cope with the demands of 5G wireless networks, the latest optical (WDM/OTN) transmission equipment requires increasingly powerful processors.

    Most processors with this kind of power share two features: an increasingly low operating voltage with an increasingly high load current.

    A telecom equipment manufacturer required a powerful processor for the processing unit in its latest optical transmission equipment. Artesyn’s LGA80D digital DC-DC power module, with its high output current at operating voltages as low as 1.05V and 0.95V, proved to be the ideal solution.

    The LG80D module is a highly efficient power module with a high power density in a low profile, and the ability to be connected easily in parallel. The integrated PMBus interface gives the added benefit of easy performance monitoring of the LGA80D power module. With 20 optical switch ports, this customer’s new optical transmission equipment has enough capacity to support the high data flow of 5G networks.

  • Display Testing
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    Display Testing

    A new generation of super-slim televisions and display screens are being built using organic light emitting diodes (OLED), a flat light emitting technology, made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted eliminating the need for a backlight and so creating thinner and more efficient displays than LCDs. Testing this new technology requires a new generation of test equipment so a maker of OLED test systems gave the green light to Artesyn’s iHP series modular high power system for its new OLED panel test products. The wide range of outputs and flexibility of this digitally controlled system meant the customer didn’t have to develop a custom power solution for their advanced automated test equipment (ATE). The iHP series also meets the SEMI F47 voltage sag tolerance standard, which is critical for semiconductor processing and automated test equipment.

  • UV Light Therapy
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    UV Light Therapy

    UV light therapy or phototherapy uses controlled artificial ultraviolet light to help reduce symptoms and slow the progress of common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo (when patches of your skin lose their color). Ultraviolet light is an invisible part of natural sunlight. Light therapy machines produce carefully measured levels of ultraviolet light, much stronger than levels in sunlight. One of the world’s leading makers of bedside treatment products is shining a light on Artesyn’s LCM600 series by using it in its light therapy systems, taking advantage of the medical approvals of this 600W cost-effective AC-DC single output power supply to reduce their own healthcare certification process.

  • 5G Large-Scale Antenna Arrays
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    5G Large-Scale Antenna Arrays

    The fifth generation of wireless communications is coming. 5G has the telecom world buzzing about the possibilities from greater speed and capacity to download or stream data, lower latency for improved responsiveness and potentially lower power consumption in both networks and handsets.

    One of the main features of 5G communication is the use of large-scale antenna arrays to boost signal and capacity. It increases the network capacity and access rates of wireless base stations enabling networks to cope better with high-demand applications, while at the same time lowering transmission latency.

    A leading wireless equipment manufacturer needed a power system for its latest antenna array system. It required high power density, efficiency and reliability for its radio frequency power amplifier. Artesyn’s ADH700 half-brick DC-DC power module, combined with the power of Artesyn’s ADQ500 quarter-brick DC-DC power supply to drive the system’s digital management unit, offered the perfect solution.

    Both the ADH700 and ADQ500 power modules are integrated with a digital controller IC so offer remarkably higher power density, efficiency and reliability than older-generation units based on analog controller IC solutions. High efficiency is essential for a power converter in a 5G power amplifier application.

    With an output of 700W at full load, the ADH700 power supply consumes less power than older-generation 700 watt units, which were typically full-brick size. For antenna and pole-mounted systems, size and mass are critical so this space-saving module was the ideal fit.

    The ADQ500 series uploads its data to the system in real-time via a PMBus interface and can reset all parameters relating to the power supply to enhance fault protection, enabling the system to better control the power supply through smart management.

    The stability and reliability of Artesyn’s standard power modules make them a popular choice for telecoms manufacturers and they have been used in telecom equipment in around one million 2G, 3G and 4G base stations. This particular customer was able to use standard modules from Artesyn’s extensive portfolio and create their 5G large-scale antenna array quickly and reliably.