Software Defined Power

The Software-Defined Power Advantage.

See how software-addressable power shelves coupled with intelligent software benefits both hyperscale and large data center environments.

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A New Category of Rugged, Fanless Power Supply

A New Category of Rugged, Fanless Power Supply

There is growing demand for fanless power supplies that can provide high usable power at elevated temperatures with some environmental protection. The common approach of enclosing a standard open frame unit forces OEMs in to making compromises in their designs. By rethinking this challenge and considering the requirements from the start of a power supply design project, it is possible to create cost-optimized power solutions for a wide range of external and internal applications.

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Shortform Product Catalog

Understanding the real benefits of flexibility and configurability in power systems design.

Learn how an improved decision flow can help power systems designers reduce materials and development costs and save design time while developing products better aligned with customers' requirements.

Associated Product Lines: Configurable Power Supplies

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Shortform Product Catalog

Specifying your exact choice of power supply: alternatives to full customization.

Users of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies are no longer tied to the selection of either a standard power sup- ply or a full custom project. Power system designers can now benefit from flexibility and the ability to customize electrical parameters by using configurable and programmable power supplies as well as fast and low-cost modifications of the electrical and mechanical properties of standard power supplies.

This white paper explains how, through either route, power system designers can approach closer to their ideal power supply specification than is possible with a standard fixed power supply, while avoiding the long lead times, and minimizing the development costs, associated with a full custom solution.

Power Supply Solutions: Rapid Modification & Value-Added Power Solutions

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