Why Work With Artesyn?

Shorter Time-to-market

We use modular hardware and software approaches to help drive mature solutions during development. Your custom power solution will benefit from our design experience and years of applied deployments. Our in-house EMI/EMC compliance and safety certification laboratory help speed the product design process.

Higher Reliability

A wide range of on-site environmental testing capabilities ensures Artesyn products are designed for quality and reliability.

Greater Scalability

Our design philosophy helps drive common platforms that are scalable, programmable and plug-compatible with our earlier-generation products, enabling quick system changes or enhancements. You can now satisfy most changes in power requirements simply by reprogramming the power supplies – and if your needs change radically, our scalable platforms allow fast transitions to optimized designs.

Higher Efficiency

We not only design some of the highest efficiency power supplies on the market, Artesyn power solutions incorporate best-in-class technology, powerful programming, monitoring and self-testing software that provides the critical data you need to manage power consumption.

Dedicated Project Team

Your power conversion project will be handled by a seasoned and committed team of expert engineers, project managers and operations professionals to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget.

Outstanding Technical Support

Our experienced field application engineers, who will work with you to ensure the solution meets your needs, are backed by a dedicated customer application support lab, staffed by power engineering experts and full equipped to test almost any power supply for almost any application. Want to know how a power supply will perform in a certain situation? A written Application Test Note will answer your questions.

In-house Manufacturing

Artesyn products are backed by state-of-the-art equipment, innovative automation processes and industry-leading quality.

Operational Excellence

We use innovative demand and supply replenishment systems, all with an uncompromising focus on helping you succeed.