CSV1400EG Series

56V 1400W POE

The CSV1400EG series bulk front end AC-DC power supply accepts a wide range 90–264 Vac input and provides a main 56 V output plus a 3.3 V standby output. It has a typical efficiency of more than 92% and is rated at 1,400 watts when operating from a nominal 200 Vac input. Housed in a 1U x 3.07 inch form factor enclosure, the power supply has a power density of 27 watts per cubic inch; five units can fit on a standard 19 inch rack shelf, to provide a total of 7 kilowatts.

The main 56 V output can deliver up to 25 amps when the power supply is operating from a 180-264 Vac input and is ideal for feeding downstream DC-DC converters in systems that use distributed power architectures (DPA). Active current sharing allows CSV1400EG power supplies to be paralleled for very high current applications without need of additional components. The power supply is hot pluggable and ideal for fault tolerant and N+1 redundant applications.

A built-in I2C serial interface allows set-up, monitoring and control to be performed.

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  • Output Voltage:
  • Outputs:
  • 5.0V/3.3V dual outputs
  • Enable (on/off)
  • Output loadsharing
  • Industry standard pin-out
  • Trim feature, both rails
  • 100°C Baseplate temperature
  • Unencapsulated 2.3" x 2.4" x 0.50" pkg.
  • 48VDC Input
  • Thermal protection

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