Universal PMBus GUI

The all new universal PMBus GUI software package provides power engineers with a simple – yet functionally powerful – user interface that delivers world-class control flexibility over their digitally controlled power conversion products.

The universal PMBus GUI – which is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems – communicates with PMBus™ enabled products via a USB to I2C adapter for easy adaptability across all AC-DC and DC-DC platforms using the protocol. The product features a highly intuitive user interface and rich set of features capable of performing a range of functions – from simple monitoring applications to complex and intricate test sequences. The software also features real-time voltage, current and temperature monitoring tools to provide at-a-glance performance information that is automatically logged by the software and can be easily exported.

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, designers can use Artesyn’s universal PMBus GUI to configure and reconfigure voltages, thermal conditions, current limits and inhibit/enable settings for individual power supplies in real-time and save configuration specs for mass application. Users can also use the software’s built-in auto-detect mechanism to automatically detect and load PSU specific configuration files, enabling unmatched “plug and play” functionality. The software also gives engineers the unique ability to create custom configuration files to fine-tune and optimize a variety of parameters to ensure the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

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