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At Artesyn Embedded Technologies, our engineers have been designing and developing power supply products for industrial electronics applications — including lighting, military & aerospace, process control and robotics, test & measurement — for over 35 years. As an aid to help you learn about, find or purchase industrial electronics power supplies for your specialized field, please click on one of the icons below:

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Accelerate, Improve & Enhance the Capabilities of your Next Industrial Electronics Systems with Artesyn Embedded Technologies

In product and system development, time is money. Every step in the process that you can eliminate, speed up, or make more effective accelerates your time to market and lowers your R&D costs. This is why you need Artesyn as a partner. We can help guide you through the complexity of choosing, evaluating and sourcing the perfect power supplies for your application. Major advantages of partnering with Artesyn include:

Broadest Power Supply Product Lines - we offer one of the broadest power supply product lines in the industry, capable of providing the best power solution for your company. In addition to the products in our standard portfolio, we offer power solutions tailored to meet your specific application requirements.

Highly Versatile Power Supplies - our products are very flexible in terms of their input and output voltages, with an increasing number of products offering digital programmability with GUI software for ease of setup and use. In addition to our configurable line of AC-DC power conversion products, we also offer a very broad line of DC-DC modules to facilitate precise application matching.

Seeing Customers as Partners in Innovation - we invest resources in building a deep understanding of what our customers are working to accomplish.

Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering - enables Artesyn to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.

Low Energy Consumption - energy costs and product efficiency are becoming an ever more critical factor in the design and total cost of ownership calculation for electronics equipment. Our high efficiency power supply solutions help minimize energy consumption, resulting in increased overall efficiency and reduced costs for the end user and lower environmental impact.

Eco-friendly Products - we are committed to a Design for Environment (DfE) policy that includes full compliance with the RoHS directive on hazardous substances. Our product design philosophy aims to minimize environmental impact — both of our manufacturing processes and the long-term use of our products.

Space-efficient Power Solutions - many of our products have industry-leading power conversion efficiencies, resulting in very high power densities and very small form factors. These are vital advantages for designers seeking power solutions for space constrained applications.

Reliability & Quality Assurance - as a means to maintain our position as a worldwide leader in the power supply manufacturing industry, we will continue to provide quality products and services which meet or exceed your current and future expectations.

Vast Knowledge, Experience & Expertise - Artesyn's broad industry experience, strong investment in research and development, thorough understanding of market needs and active participation in various industry forums has led to an extensive portfolio of robust, highly-efficient and cost-effective power supplies.

Worldwide Distributor Network - Artesyn maintains a worldwide distributor network to quickly respond to your design and manufacturing needs. We have the infrastructure, expertise and financial resources to accommodate all your power supply demands — both now and as you grow in the future.

For More Information and Sales Support

For more information about our light industrial power supplies or to place an order please call us toll-free in the U.S. at 888-412-7832 or locate your nearest sales representative, distributor or value added reseller.