Lighting Power Supplies

At Artesyn Embedded Technologies, our engineers have been designing and developing power supply products for the lighting market for over 35 years. Our products have helped pave the way for advancements in a wide variety of fixed and portable lighting systems across a diverse range of applications, including public information and awareness signage, in-store product illumination, on-street and car park signs, and escape route and emergency lighting systems. Our AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion products are used for mains-powered and battery-backed lighting systems, and cover a wide variety of lighting technology, including LED, halogen, metal halide and fluorescent.

Key attributes of power supplies for lighting applications: are high efficiency and reliability, small form factor, good regulation and battery management facilities for portable equipment, constant current, Ingriss protection, ruggedized design, and power disturbance immunity.

To take the next steps in learning about, finding or purchasing lighting power supplies for your specialized field, locate your nearest distributor, sales rep, or VAR or ask an Artesyn expert.

Lighting Applications We Power

Artesyn provides a complete suite of power conversion solutions to meet the needs of lighting applications.

  • Street Lights
  • Parking Lot and Garage Parking Lights
  • Indoor Area lighting
  • Public information & awareness signage
  • In-store product illumination
  • On-street & car park signs
  • Escape route & emergency lighting

Why Artesyn Embedded Technologies?

Worldwide, there are several lighting power supply manufacturers to choose from, many of which produce good products. One of the leading companies is Artesyn Embedded Technologies, which is responsible for the well-known Astec and Artesyn brands. Together, these two product brands encompass literally thousands of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters. Artesyn Embedded Technologies offers a large variety of standard, modified and custom AC-DC power supplies covering a 3 to 24,000 watt power band, together with an extensive range of DC-DC converters covering a 6 to 800 watt power band, to most of the world's most leading manufacturers of lighting equipment.