LGA80D Evaluation Graphic User Interface


Artesyn’s LGA80D evaluation kit gives you the ability to connect the demonstration board to a USB socket on a PC, with the PMbus interface, dongle and cable provided in the kit and control and monitor the LGA80D units as they would be used in an application with the GUI software.

The Module Management GUI Software for simple evaluation, configuration and monitoring. Artesyn's PC-based graphical software package is to be used in conjunction with the evaluation kit. Two intuitive tabs allow you to enter the required settings for individual converters and to monitor the status and parameters.

For the user manual, please use the following link




Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Intel/AMD Dual Core Processor 2GHz


Eastwood 73-769-001 Adapter (supplied in Eval Kit)


Software Requirements:

Windows XP, Win VISTA (64-Bit), Win7 (64-Bit / 64-Bit)


LGA80D GUI screen shot

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