AVO75B Series

4:1 input 75W 1/8th brick

The AVO75-36S3v3 is a single output DC-DC converter with standard eighth-brick outline and pin configuration.

It delivers up to 20A output current with 3.3V output voltage. Pre-bias start-up capability is realized. Efficiency is above 89.5% @ 20Aout. With excellent thermal performance, it is an ideal choice for telecom and data-com applications. It will
operate under the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

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  • Total Max Power:
    66 W
  • Total Max Current:
    20 A
  • Input Voltage:
    18 V to 75 V
  • Output Voltage:
    3 V to 3.6 V
  • Outputs:
  • Size (L x W x H):
    2.300" x 0.900" x 0.500"
  • Warranty:
    2 years
  • Operating Temperature:
    -40 to 85 deg

Electrical Specifications

  • Input
  • Output
  • Logic Control
  • Isolation
  • Other
  • Input voltage: 18Vdc to 75Vdc
  • Output voltage : 3v3
  • Output current: 20A
  • Enable: Negative enable default
  • Isolation voltage: 1500Vdc
  • Insulation : Basic insulation
  • Mechanical outline: Standard 1/8th brick footprint
  • Mechanical : Open frame or baseplate version
  • Delivering up to 20A output current
  • Ultra-high efficiency >89.5% at full load and typical operating conditions
  • Wide input range: 18V ~ 75V
  • Pre-bias function
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • No min load requirement
  • Fixed frequency operation
  • Intended for reflow or wave soldering
  • RoHS 6 compliant
  • Mechanical Features
  • Industry standard 1/8thbrick outline
  • Open frame or Baseplate
  • Pin length: 3.8mm
  • Surface mount option can be available on
  • request
  • Control and protection Features
  • Remote control function
  • Input under voltage lockout
  • Output over current protection
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Safety & EMC
  • Meets safety standards UL 60950-1,
  • IEC/EN 60950-1 and GB4943
  • Meets conducted emission's requirements
  • of EN55022 Class A with external filter

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