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Artesyn Embedded Power is a market leader in AC-DC power supplies. All of these AC-DC power supply products embraces the...


Artesyn Embedded Power is a market leader in AC-DC power supplies. All of these AC-DC power supply products embraces the well-known Astec or Artesyn brand name, and are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. These AC-DC power supplies are used extensively by OEMs and system integrators for diverse applications in healthcare, communications, computing, consumer electronics, server and industrial automation.

Low to Medium Power AC-DC Power Supplies:

Our portfolio of low to medium power AC-DC power supplies is especially extensive. Covering a power range of 3 to 960 watts, it includes open-frame and enclosed models, DIN rail modules and external power supply adapters.

Medium to High Power AC-DC Power Supplies:

Our range of medium to high power AC-DC power supplies mainly comprises highly configurable modular models and rack-mounting bulk power units. These AC-DC power supplies include individual power modules with output ratings of up to 3,000 watts, enabling customers to configure bulk power systems with up to 24,000 watts output capability.


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Open frame, Low Power

  • Low to medium power models from 25 watts to 650 watts
  • High efficiency switch-mode technology
  • Single or multiple isolated outputs with Medical and ITE approvals

Front End Power Supplies & Shelves

  • Bulk front-end power for systems that use DPA or IBA
  • Individual power ratings up to 3,000 watts
  • Includes 1U, 2U and 3U high rack-mount models

DIN Rail Mounting

  • Individual modules with ratings from 120 watts to 960 watts
  • Industrial-use design with no derating up to 60 °C
  • Choice of single-phase or three-phase inputs

Bulk Power

  • Low to high power models from 250 watts to 24,000 watts
  • Many digitally-controlled PMBus compatible models
  • Extensive safety approvals for diverse applications


  • Power adapters with ratings from 3 watts to 100 watts
  • Wide-range AC inputs & comprehensive overload protection
  • Available with a 2- or 3-pin AC input receptacle

Conduction Cooled

  • Fanless operation & IP64 rated case
  • Full 250 watts and 600 watts power from -40 to 85°C
  • Medical and ITE safety approvals


  • Output ratings up to 24,000 watts
  • Many digitally-controlled PMBus compatible models
  • Medical versions available with extensive built-in intelligence

PFC Modules

  • Power ratings from 75 watts to 1,600 watts
  • Designed to feed high voltage DC-DC converters
  • Low cost building block for high performance power supplies

48 V DC-in Versions of AC-DC Supplies

  • For battery-backed telecom and central office applications
  • Includes 48 Vdc input versions of DS Series
  • 48 Vdc input versions of some open-frame models


  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Active AC inrush limit control
  • High efficiency

Slim Power Supplies

  • Over 760W Output
  • N+1 Redundant
  • N+N Redundant

Server & Storage

  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Over 495W output power
  • Active AC Inrush limiting

DS Short Series

  • Common Form Factor
  • Digital Control (PMBus®)
  • 500-2000 W High Density & Reliability
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