High Voltage Isolated DC-DC Converters

Artesyn Embedded Power produces an extensive and rapidly growing range of small isolated DC-DC converters for low power ...


Artesyn Embedded Power produces an extensive and rapidly growing range of small isolated DC-DC converters for low power industrial applications in areas such as automation, instrumentation, test and measurement, and telecommunications, as well as high voltage DC-DC converter modules for application-specific power supplies and specialist markets such as avionics and railway rolling stock.


Our high voltage input DC-DC converter modules are intended for use with power factor correction (PFC) modules. Available in quarter-, half- and full-brick formats with power output ratings from 65 to 600 watts, these modules provide customers with a cost-effective and efficient means of implementing high-voltage, low-loss DC power distribution systems and application-specific low profile power supplies. The high voltage product line also includes two series of specialist DC-DC converters for railway rolling stock applications, with power output ratings of 50 and 75 watts. 


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High Voltage Full-Brick DC-DC Converters

  • All models feature a 600 watt output
  • Current ratings from 12 to 120 amps
  • Output voltages from 3.3 V to 48 V

High Voltage Half-Brick DC-DC Converters

  • All models feature a 250 watt output
  • Current ratings from 10 to 50 amps
  • Output voltages from 1.8 V to 24 V

High Voltage Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters

  • 65 watts continuous power at 100˚C baseplate
  • Wide input voltage range (250–420 V)
  • Up to 90% efficiency

DC-DC Converter Modules For Railway Applications

  • EN50155 compliant 43–101 V & 66–160 V inputs
  • Power ratings of 50 or 75 watts
  • Fully encapsulated metal case with isolated baseplate
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