Tempe, Ariz. [20 May, 2015] — The latest addition to the popular LCM family of ac-dc power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is the LCM1000 series, new 1000W models that continue the family reputation for high efficiency and reliability at a competitive cost for industrial and medical equipment. Cost per watt for the new series can be as low as $0.14/€0.13 in production volumes.

The new series includes models rated for nominal 12, 15, 24, 36 or 48 V single outputs, which can be adjusted by 10 percent. An optional 5 V standby output enables OEM standby functions even when the equipment is nominally off. A sophisticated digital control loop optimizes efficiency across a wide load range, giving the new LCM1000 series efficiency greater than 91 percent at full load, a typical power factor of 0.99, and a power density of 7.7 watts per cubic inch. Digital control also enables the LCM family to be rapidly and cost-effectively modified to suit the exact needs of a customer application. Artesyn has invested in the manufacturing of the LCM family, including greater automation, to shorten lead times and lower the minimum order quantity for non-stock units.

Backed by a comprehensive set of industrial and medical safety approvals, Artesyn’s LCM1000 series is ideal for industrial applications such as burn-in systems, test and measurement equipment, laser-carving machines, and factory automation; non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical, dental and laboratory applications; as well as for telecom and datacom equipment.

The quality and reliability of the LCM series units are assured through careful component selection, automated production processes and sophisticated circuit design. Variable-speed ‘Smart Speed’ fans draw on software controls developed by Artesyn to match fan speed to the unit’s cooling requirement and load current. Slowing the fan not only saves power but also reduces wear, thus extending its life.

The MTBF of the LCM1000 series is greater than 500,000 hours, and all models in the series carry a manufacturer’s warranty of three years.

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