New AVO100 and AVO250 fully-regulated eighth-brick converters offer output rated to power levels up to 100 W and 250 W

Tempe, Ariz. [2 October, 2014] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies has announced the launch of two new families of fully-regulated 1/8th brick dc-dc converters specifically designed to supply high density low power radio power amplifier applications, especially small-cell systems.

The AVO100 and AVO250 series converters offer power output up to 100 W and up to 250 W respectively, with an extremely wide output voltage range - specified between 18 and 32.5 V - to cover the demands of power amplifer applications. The units accept the telecommunication standard wide input range of 36 to 75 Vdc. These units broaden Artesyn's portfolio of units aimed specifically at radio frequency (RF) power amplifier applications, with specific focus on the lower power requirements of small-cell systems, which includes the recently announced AVD85, AVE family and AGF800.

Above 93 percent ultra-high efficiency and excellent thermal performance in an operating range of minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius make them an ideal choice to supply power in wireless communications where the highest efficiency is demanded by telecom equipment manufacters and network operators. The AVO250 delivers up to 9 A output current, while the AVO100 provides up to 3.57 A output.

A range of special features makes Artesyns new AVO100 and AVO250 series converters easy to design and deploy, including wide input range, optimization for conduction cooling, low ripple and noise, fixed switching frequency, high capacitive load capability, pre-bias start-up capability, output voltage remote sense. All variants are fitted with through hole terminations.

The two new converters are protected against overcurrent, over-temperature and over-voltage conditions. They also have an enable pin on the primary side of the converter and remote-sense features and ouput voltage adjust function on the secondary side. The units are either of an open frame or baseplate design in the industry-standard eighth-brick outline and pin configuration, which measures 57.9 × 22.9 × 10.0 mm (2.28 × 0.9 × 0.394 inches), allowing for optimized conduction or forced airflow cooling.

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