iVS Series

4920 Watt Configurable AC-DC Power Supplies


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The iVS™ series of configurable AC-DC power supplies provides increased output power and functionality over the former VS series. Customers are now able to configure power supplies with up to 4,920 watts output capability, and to monitor and control many attributes of the power supply via an I2C interface. There is a choice of seven types of module, including single, dual and triple output units, with individual power outputs of up to 1,500 watts. The iVS series offers 25 standard output voltages, from 2 Vdc to 60 Vdc, and can provide up to 24 outputs.

iVS Extension Adapters

iVS Extension Adapter

The iVS extension adapters provide USB and Controller Area Network (CAN)/RS485bus connectivity. They are fitted internally to the power supply and connect with its I2C bus to provide a complete interface that enables iVS devices to be controlled by a simple command set, conveying a very high level of configuration flexibility.

The CAN/RS485 to I2C interface adapter module connects with CANbus architectures through CaseRx/CaseTx interfaces on the iVS case. The module communicates with the onboard I2C bus via the MODbus protocol for RS485 bus and via the modified MODbus protocol for CANbus. The USB to I2C interface adapter module connects to a USB port on a standard PC and provides bidirectional communication with iVS devices using the PMBus protocol.

The adapters enable the iVS to be used in numerous ruggedized applications, including automotive and industrial networks, medical equipment and building automation systems.


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