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As part of the group of innovative companies that invented VME technology nearly 35 years ago, Artesyn has consistently worked to enhance and extend VME technology and now offers arguably the widest range of VME SBCs based on NXP (Freescale) processors using the Power Architecture. 

To underline our commitment, we have been investing heavily in our VME offerings. We have secured a number of critical EOL components, including the Tsi148 VME to PCI-X chip and the Marvell system controller chip, to ensure that we can continue to offer an extensive portfolio of VME boards up to at least 2025.  While extending the life cycle of our VME products for another 10 years, Artesyn is also planning to develop new VME boards that will enhance our tiered product portfolio, which includes committed research on VME bridge solutions for future portfolio additions.

Artesyn’s extensive VME portfolio based on Power Architecture processors offers customers flexibility to migrate between boards when they seek optimal solutions for their applications. With a deep understanding that software compatibility is vital to make a product migration successful, Artesyn always goes the extra mile to provide technical support to help customers migrate seamlessly. 

  • Artesyn offers the largest range of VME boards to cover all your requirements from the highest performance to the most versatile and the most cost-effective
  • Our industry-leading track record of cost, performance, quality and longevity of supply speaks for itself
  • Artesyn can help migrate your current applications running on VME (ours or a competitor’s) to one of our long life-cycle boards
  • No need to change backplanes or technologies

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