Access archived webinars from Artesyn Embedded Technologies and partners to learn more about up and coming embedded computing technology issues.

The Future of VME / Rugged Computing in the Military

VMEbus is arguably the most common form factor used in military computer systems. Originally developed in 1981, it’s still widely used today because not only are there so many legacy systems in the field, but it also has proven to be very adaptable and upgradeable, giving birth to offshoots such as VME64, VXIbus, and VPX. In addition, this platform has the support of VITA – the VME International Trade Association.

This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media and a panel of distinguished experts examines some of the more popular types of VME and VPX platforms and their benefits, as well as how these platforms are applied to a host of military and industrial rugged computing applications.

High Performance Real Time Computing For Tactical Military Systems

Tactical military systems require a huge amount of computing capability to track and defeat a variety of threats which threaten forward deployed troops. Intel has been supplying high performance processing platforms like the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform for many years. The Navy and other military branches have begun to standardize on systems based on the latest Intel Xeon processors designed into systems from Artesyn Embedded Technologies running Concurrent Real-Time’s Redhawk Real-Time Operating System for a number of major tactical systems. This presentation will show how Intel, Artesyn and Concurrent have worked together to create very dense, high performance, real-time systems used in the most demanding tactical systems.

Reaping the Benefits of Software Defined Industrial Control Systems

Over the past thirty years, not much has changed in the architecture of industrial control systems. During this time, however, there have been fundamental transformations in the world of Information Technology (IT). In this webinar, we explain the business benefits that can be derived by implementing software defined industrial control systems that leverage software-based techniques from the IT industry. We describe a straightforward process for transitioning to this new architecture, managing the risks and reaping the benefits.

Network Edge 360 Virtual and Augmented Reality Broadcast & Delivery Infrastructure

This mini-webinar presents a solution for the delivery infrastructure required for network edge 360 augmented reality services. Put together by Vantrix and Artesyn, it allows 360 augmented reality to be delivered real-time in-venue or anywhere in the world through the cloud. Artesyn and Vantrix came together to provide this solution in part as a response to a recent contest from Verizon and Intel. Verizon and Intel were looking for new and innovative ways to use the Verizon network and Verizon cloud services. Artesyn and Vantrix collaborated to provide Verizon with a very exciting demo in the low latency category of the competition.