Military & Aerospace

Ruggedized products that can be deployed in harsh environments with extreme reliability makes Artesyn the clear choice

For over 40 years Artesyn has been the leading provider of long life, embedded COTS computing solutions, designed for high availability rugged military environments such as radar, simulation, missile defense and control systems on land, in air, in space and at sea. Whether meeting the challenges of networking and control systems or executing real-time operations in tactical environments, our products protect our customers’ investments, with future-proof designs to withstand long gaps between technology insertion cycles. If dense computing, GPU processing and I/O flexibility is needed, our MaxCore plaforms rise to the challenge and give application developers the ideal mix of resources for purpose-built systems.

Our ATCA platforms are suited to meet the needs of next generation military networks, serving high-bandwidth, high-performance applications that cannot experience downtime such as land or ship based control systems, sensor data compute farms and surveillance systems. Lastly, our VME products which have served the military and aerospace market for over 30 years, continue to deliver the right level of innovation and enduring operational benefits such as low power, small system size and excellence in design.