Image Processing

  • Advances in machine vision technology provides opportunities to improve product quality, reduce costs, and optimize process control. Combining advanced image processing with server level compute performance in a flexible platform permits applying the right embedded solution to a range of image processing applications.
  • Advances in image processing and machine learning are working together to add intelligence to surveillance applications.
  • Artesyn MaxCore’s flexible PCIe based architecture permits configuring your platform with compute, accelerator, storage, and network cards to precisely configure your platform. MaxCore’s platform architecture allows for a flexible path for future upgrades.

MaxCore IPC


MaxCore™ Platform
Versatile and Dense Compute & Media Platform

The MaxCore Platform enables you to build an economical and application focused appliance within a short time. Flexibility is achieved through its capability to perfectly balance I/O, compute and compute-associated accelerators within the same box.

MaxCore™ IPC Platform
Industrial PC

The Artesyn MaxCore™ Industrial PC (IPC) platform is a member of the MaxCore family with
flexibility to address a wide range of industrial applications.