Industrial and Automation

Standard and Custom, long life-cycle embedded computing solutions for various industrial automation, test and measurement, and transportation applications

Industrial and automation embraces a wide range of industries and applications that involve some kind of automated process based on a user selection. Artesyn Embedded Technologies offers long life-cycle embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Artesyn's embedded computing technology is designed to help OEMs reduce their time to market, become more customer-centric and improve operational efficiency. Our MaxCore and VME products are especially suited to automation and industrial applications and we have a long history of creating custom embedded computing solutions tailored to the needs of these applications.

Industrial Editorial - A Change is Coming to the Industrial Space

Automotive Assembly

Fully automated welding, painting, and inspection

Electronics Assembly

Rapid assembly and packaging of electronic components

Safety Solutions

Collaboration between banks of multiple robots in complex tasks


Automated 3D wafer scanning

Oil & Gas/Mining

Real-time monitoring of critical information on well output

Power Grid

Intelligent and efficient power generation and transmission