Embedded Computing Industry Solutions

For over 30 years, Artesyn Embedded Technologies engineering experts have been designing and developing embedded computing technologies for a broad range of industries such as telecom, military and aerospace, medical, and diverse automation and industrial markets.

Our broad portfolio of integrated hardware, software and support services enables Artesyn to offer customer-focused solutions that are flexible and scalable.

Military & Aerospace

Innovative, reliable and cost-efficient COTS solutions for mission-critical applications - including C4ISR, radar, sonar, SIGINT, ELINT and unmanned vehicles (UAVs) - that operate anywhere, every time for defense contractors, system integrators and aerospace leaders.

Cloud Gaming

The distribution of video games currently still depends on physical and downloadable models, however the gaming industry is set to follow the evolution of the music and movie industries and move to an unlimited streaming model.

Rail Transportation

Designed to meet the highest safety standard - Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4), Arteysn’s ControlSafe™ Platform enables customers to significantly accelerate time to market without incurring the high costs and risks associated with the SIL4 certification process

DPI & Security

Newest generation of network security platforms offers scalability and best-in-class density.

Telecom & Networking

From edge to core of operator networks…our platforms enable dense and virtualized applications in the IMS core, wireless LTE network, and OTT content provider network

Video Transcoding & Broadcast

Artesyn technology enables providers of broadcast, networking and cloud equipment and services to seamlessly support high-density hosted or virtualized multiscreen video infrastructures.

Automation & Industrial

Standard and Custom, long life-cycle embedded computing solutions for various industrial automation, test and measurement, and transportation applications


Medical equipment manufacturers trust Artesyn's commitment to the highest quality extended-life products and critical engineering services and support to address a vast array of applications in clinical systems, medical diagnostics and emergency and home healthcare.


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