Silver Lining™ NFV Software

Silver Lining™ NFV Software

Artesyn’s Silver Lining™ NFV software is an optimized application virtualization framework for deploying agile virtual network functions from the edge to the core of networks that leverage Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies.

Silver Lining Software

By adopting a common virtualization framework across optimized hardware platforms, you can save both capital expense and operating expense by eliminating the need for multiple application-specific hardware platforms.

Based on open source projects, such as OpenFlow, OpenStack, Linux, Open vSwitch and the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Silver Lining software is designed to enable to quickly and easily integrate with your management and orchestration applications.

Silver Lining software enables you to run multiple virtualized applications across common compute and media processing hardware platforms. It provides a common, standard set of interfaces to virtualized compute, network and storage, implemented on the underlying hardware infrastructure.

Integrating Silver Lining software into your NFV architecture

It has been optimized for performance on Artesyn’s hardware platforms including Open Compute Project (OCP), Centellis™ AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) and MaxCore™ carrier grade rack mount server hardware (CGRMS) platforms. These modular hardware platforms include dense I/O and internal connectivity, essential for telecom applications. They also offer hardware acceleration for applications such as optimized voice and video transcoding.

Artesyn also offers high bandwidth traffic flow separation and load balancing within a system using its FlowPilot™ software, which can enable applications such as DPI-enhanced service chaining.

Silver Lining software, combined with Artesyn’s scalable hardware platforms, enables you to virtualize a wide range of network applications including EPC, firewall, DPI, security gateway, session border controller, OTT video servers and the Virtual Network Platform as a Service (VNPaaS). Those functions can be dynamically initiated, scaled up or down and terminated as network traffic changes, enabling provisioning to match your application needs.

Based on industry-standard software stacks to ensure interoperability, Silver Lining software enables a multi-vendor ecosystem of agile Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Artesyn’s hardware and software solutions are designed to co-existing with legacy and 3rd party NFV infrastructure. Leveraging open source software stacks and maintaining our commitment to an open ecosystem gives you the flexibility to deploy and migrate applications across any hardware infrastructure that uses NFV technology.

Silver Lining software architecture