Defense products

MVME8110 NXP® QorIQ® P5010 VME320 SBC

  • High performance 6U VME SBC
  • Offers multiple USB, Serial and Ethernet ports
  • Designed for a range of high end industrial control such as SPE and photo lithography and C4ISR, including Radar/Sonar

MVME8105 NXP® QorIQ® P5020 VME64x SBC

MVME8105 is a high performance 6U VME SBC featuring the NXP® QorIQ® P5020 2.0 GHz processor supporting high speed DDR3-1333 MHz with ECC.

ATCA-7540 Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

The ATCA-7540 dual-star 40G server blade provides an ideal networking platform with flexible I/O connectivity and ultimate processing performance.

COMX-T2081 NXP® QorIQ® T2081

  • QorIQ processing power
  • High performance CPU cores
  • ECC memories
  • Rugged design
  • Basic size form factor (95 mm — 125 mm)
  • Linux 4.1 kernel
  • NXP® QorIQ® SDK 2.0

AXP1440-D Bladed Server Chassis for Defense

The AXP1440-D ATCA chassis is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of the defense industry

ATCA-7540-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

Bladed server platform with flexible I/O connectivity and ultimate processing performance

ATCA-7480-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

An ideal solution for defense systems requiring powerful data processing performance, flexible mass storage and network options

ATCA-F140-D 40G AdvancedTCA® Switch Blade

High bandwidth, 40G switch blade design for AdvancedTCA platforms

ATCA-8330 AdvancedTCA DSP Blade

The commonly used “Intel Xeon processor server and audio/video DSPs” architecture is now available in a single ATCA slot – ultra-dense IP voice and video transcoding with up to 40 Octasic DSPs.

MVME8100 NXP® QorIQ® P5020 VME64x/VXS SBC

  • Highest performance VME single board computer
  • Extensive I/O and memory
  • Variants for extended shock, vibration, temperature and conduction cooling
  • Excellent upgrade choice for high-end performance requirements

CPCI6200 PICMG 2.0/2.16 Processor Board

Power Architecture CompactPCI Board for Industrial, Military and Aerospace Applications

ATCA-9405 40G ATCA Packet Processing Blade

Dual Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core processors, managed L2/L3 Ethernet switch, and a local dual-core service processor

MVME250x Series NXP® QorIQ® P2010/P2020 VME64x SBC

  • Migration path for PowerQUICC and G4 processor boards
  • Outstanding performance-to-power ratio
  • Extensive I/O
  • Extended temperature and rugged variants

COMX-P2020 NXP® QorIQ® P2020 Module

  • Two e500 Power Architecture cores (1.2 GHz)
  • XGI Z11M GPU on-board
  • Up to 2GB memory
  • 95 mm x 95 mm Compact COM Express footprint
  • MicroSD card slot


ATCA-7475 Packet Processing / Server Blade

Dual 10-core Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v2 family with up to 2.4 GHz clock frequency options, up to 128GB main memory & Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series


Growth path for users of MPC74xx processors, offering faster processor and 320MB/s interface with backwards compatibility

COMX-P4080 NXP® QorIQ® P4040 or P4080 Modules

  • 4 or 8 Power Architecture cores (1.5 GHz)
  • Up to 4GB memory
  • 95 mm x 125 mm COM Express Basic footprint
  • 12 configurable SERDES lanes available for maximum flexibility


Centellis® 4440 (AXP1440) 14-Slot 40G ATCA System

  • Power & cooling up to 350 watts/slot
  • 13U, 19" form factor
  • Integrated 40G switch blade

MVME4100 NXP® 8548E Processor VME SBC

  • Double precision floating point operations
  • Processor-enabled supplementary encryption engine
  • Extensive storage, I/O and expansion options

COMX-P40x0-ENP2 Ruggedized NXP® QorIQ® Modules

  • NXP QorIQ P4040 or P4080 processor at 1.2GHz
  • -40 °C to +71 °C operating temperature range
  • Shock and vibration hardened


ATCA-7370 10G ATCA Server Blade

Dual 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors, E5-2648L, 1.8 GHz and up to 128GB main memory

Centellis® 2640 (AXP640) 6-Slot 40G ATCA System

  • 7U, 19" form factor
  • AC & DC power input options
  • Power & cooling up to 350 watts/slot


  • AltiVec coprocessor
  • Up to 320MB/s practical bandwidth
  • Two PMC-X sites
  • Backwards compatible


  • Balanced memory, buses and I/O subsystem
  • AltiVec coprocessor
  • Expansion mezzanine connector

Centellis® 2100 Series AdvancedTCA Platform Core

  • 3U, 19" form factor
  • AC & DC power input options
  • Power & cooling up to 350-400 watts/slot
  • Front-to-rear cooling

Centellis® 4410 14-Slot 10G ATCA System

  • Cost-effective ATCA system
  • 14-slot, 13U, 19" form factor
  • Power & cooling up to 350 watts/slot
  • Integrated 10G combined switch/control blades

MVME3100 VME Board with NXP® MPC8540 System-on-Chip Processor

  • Growth path for users of MPC8240 and similar (MPC603 family) processors
  • 2eSST (320Mb/s) VMEbus interface
  • Dual PMC-X sites
  • MVME721 direct-connect RTM

ATCA-F140 40G ATCA Switch Blade

  • High performance, flexible 40G switch blade
  • AMC site
  • Optional SATA HDD and telecom clocking support
  • Integrated software package

PMCspan PMC Expansion Board

Provides Artesyn PowerPlus™ Architecture VMEbus SBCs with greater expansion capabilities

The PMCspan board provides
VMEbus processor modules
with greater expansion
capabilitieProvides VMEbus SBCs with greater expansion capabilities


PrAMC-7311 Intel® Core™ i7 System Controller Module


  • Designed to the AdvancedMC™ (AMC) specifications in a mid-size form factor
  • Complete Basic Blade Software package




XMCspan XMC Expansion Board

Customize and expand I/O options for Artesyn's MVME7100 and MVME4100 VME SBCs.

ATCA-F125 10G ATCA Switch Blade

A high density, cost-effective 10G switch blade for AdvancedTCA® platforms.

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