ViewCheck™Diagnostics Software


ViewCheck™ is a licensed in-service and out-of-service diagnostic suite specifically developed for the Artesyn payload and switch blades. ViewCheck can be used to diagnose and monitor ATCA blades, as part of a wider system management policy enabled by Artesyn's SSF ATCA system management software framework. The diagnostic utilities of ViewCheck help in identifying, detecting, and locating failures on a blade. ViewCheck also provides a mechanism to monitor the status of devices such as CPU, storage, Ethernet counters and errors.

Positive feedback of correct operation of the system, both during boot and system run-time provides confidence and allows application developers to incorporate diagnostic capability within their application code. In the event of an issue occurring, obtaining accurate localization information is a key requirement.

The ViewCheck software can be used locally as standalone diagnostics software using CLI and XML interfaces or it can be accessed remotely as part of the software framework.

Click here for more information on Artesyn's SSF software framework.

In-service diagnostics: In this mode, the diagnostics service can run while the blades are instantiated with Customer applications and are in-service. ViewCheck can monitor key hardware parameters like network counters, network errors, in addition to watching out for kernel critical errors logged by various hardware devices and device drivers.

Out of service diagnostics: In this mode, the board is booted into a self-contained test suite complete with various diagnostics tests and utilities. In the event that the board fails such tests, an accurate diagnosis of the results can be printed to focus and expedite repair.

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