SharpStreamer™ 2U Platform2U Video Transcode Acceleration Appliance

SharpStreamer™ 2U Platform

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The Artesyn Embedded Technologies SharpStreamer™ 2U platform is a carrier grade 2U server powered by up to four SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 PCI Express video processing acceleration engines to accelerate broadcast and multiscreen OTT video applications in a standard server architecture.

The Artesyn SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 high-density video accelerator enables service provider networks to offer video transcoding services quickly and dynamically. As an add-on card, the SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 offers quick and scalable integration with existing and standard server architectures to meet the demands of ISPs and MSOs who want to use existing servers and cloud infrastructures to support new video transcoding services.

With a focus on the high-density and low power demands of video streaming applications such as OTT streaming servers, mobile network optimization, video conferencing and broadcast equipment, Artesyn employs multiple Intel® Core™ i7 and GPU accelerated devices in a small and scalable PCI Express card footprint that is easily deployable in off the shelf platforms. Each SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 card is capable of up to 44 streams of 1080p H.264 transcodes.

Compared to dedicated appliances, the SharpStreamer solution is more easily deployable, portable, and does not constrain operators to only one type of equipment to monetize OTT streaming content. It also offers network scalability for increased subscribers to pay as you go adding more cards and density from small to large servers as needed. Compared to software-only solutions, the SharpStreamer approach requires far fewer servers and much less operational cost to power video transcoding services.

The SharpStreamer 2U platform offers options for customers who either want to develop their own applications or take advantage of video transcoding applicaton software preconfigured on the SharpStreamer platform. Developers can take advantage of the Software Development Kit comprised of the Intel® Media Server Studio runtime files with Intel® HD Graphics 6000 fixed-function hardware acceleration, monitoring and processor subsystem O/S and management tools for easy integration with server host processing environments. For service providers and developers who are seeking more, there is a complete application-layer transcoding software package for Live / Linear transcoding and Video on Demand (VoD) which is offered preconfigured on the SharpStreamer 2U platform.

SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem

The SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem provides members access to testing and compatibility resources with SharpStreamer solutions to realize these benefits for its customers. SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem members can benchmark applications, create product briefs, and receive referrals as part of the Ecosystem. By joining the Ecosystem, members can also participate in ongoing innovation and development with Artesyn to achieve maximum density/RU for specific applications, so customers have the assurance of a proven solution. For more information, click the link below.

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