MaxCore™ Micro PlatformVersatile Compute and Acceleration Platform

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ Micro is a low cost, compact form factor enterprise class platform. The versatile 2-slot PCIe platform is configurable for a wide range of applications.

The form factor will allow three (3) MaxCore Micro chassis to be fitted side by side in a 19” rack. Alternately each chassis can stand alone as a complete microserver with one application specific add-in card. 

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  • Supports two PCIe Gen 3 FHFL slots
    • Slot 1 Artesyn host server card
    • Slot 2 supports Artesyn or 3rd party PCIe cards
    • Switchless PCIe connectivity between the slots at up to 100Gbps
    • Up to 150W per slot
  • Slot 1 access to two optional 80mm SATA M.2 SSDs
  • Mechanical dimensions: 1.5U (H) x 145mm (W) x 450mm (D)
  • External PSU delivers up to 330W
  • High-efficiency fan with tacho control based on temperature sensor
  • User panel
    • Dual RJ45 10GbE Ethernet ports available when using 2 Artesyn MaxCore server cards
    • Single USB port
    • Power and reset buttons
    • SYS OK LED 

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