Centellis® 8000 series40G/100G 14-slot ATCA System

Centellis® 8000 series

The Centellis® 8000 series is architected to be a high availability platform suited to application acceleration and advanced networking with a rich ecosystem of blades and software that enable it to be deployed in a range of applications from security appliances to session border controllers to content optimization. 


  • Bladed architecture for scalability, minimized cabling and ease of maintenance
  • Application-ready configurations shorten time-to-market
  • Strong ecosystem of off-the-shelf or custom blades allows the platform to be easily configured for a range of applications & upgraded as new technologies become available
  • Power & cooling up to 600 Watts per blade slot accommodates today's technology with headroom for higher powered processors in the future
  • Dualstar can handle two (2) switches and 12 payload bladesl; Quadstar can handle 4 switches and 10 payload blades

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  • Architected for high availability applications.
  • 14-slots with rear transition module capability for each slot
  • Base platform includes two (2) 40G ATCA switches & shelf management
  • Wide range of server, packet processing and media processing payload available
  • Cooling & power for up to 600W per slot
  • AC & DC power variants
  • PICMG® 3.0 ATCA mechanical formfactor with enhanced power & cooling
  • PICMG® 3.1 ATCA high performance switch fabric capable of 1, 10 and 40Gbps operation
  • Dualstar™ can handle two (2) switches and 12 payload blades; Quadstar™ can handle 4 switches and 10 payload blades