Centellis® 441014-Slot 10G ATCA System

Centellis® 4410

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies Centellis® 4410 AdvancedTCA® platform core is specifically designed to address the unique carrier-grade requirements of the telecommunications industry. Application examples include wireless infrastructure,  packetized voice, wireline data, and cable network head-end equipment. Highly integrated and verified hardware and software components, reduced development costs and  accelerating time-to-market allow network equipment providers (NEPs) to focus their development resources on critical, differentiating features that provide a competitive advantage.

The heart of the Centellis 4410 platform core is the AXP1410 AdvancedTCA (ATCA®) shelf and includes redundant shelf manager and alarm modules, redundant power entry modules (PEMs) and two fan tray modules. The AXP1410 shelf features a 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capable backplane. The thermal characteristics of the AXP1410 shelf are an important feature - it is designed to meet the CP-TA B.4 thermal profile, the highest level possible. As processor technology advances, thermal (heat dissipation) is one of the industries largest challenges - and the AXP1410 meets the challenge.

Another important element of the Centellis 4410 platform core is the ATCA-F125 system controller and switching blade. The ATCA-F125 combines PICMG® compliant base and fabric interface switching functionality with two AMC slots for additional processing and/or local storage. Assuming an HA environment with redundant ATCA-F125 switch blades, combining these key functions provides customers with two additional slots for billable applications.

A variety of payload blades, AMCs and accessory products are available for the Centellis 4410 platform core depending on application requirements.

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  • Architected for high availability applications
  • 14-slots with rear transition module capability for each slot
  • Base platform includes two (2) 10G ATCA switches & shelf management
  • Wide range of server, packet processing and media processing payload available
  • Switch management and protocol software
  • Cooling & power for up to 350W per slot and CP-TA B.4 compliance
  • NEBS certification services available
  • PICMG® 3.0 ATCA mechanical formfactor with enhanced power & cooling
  • PICMG® 3.1 ATCA high performance switch fabric capable of 1, 10Gbps operation

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