Centellis® 2640 (AXP640)6-Slot 40G ATCA System

Centellis® 2640 (AXP640)

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies Centellis® 2640 40G AdvancedTCA® shelf is specifically designed to address carrier-grade requirements desired by the telecommunications industry as well as high availability enterprise environments. Application examples include wireless infrastructure, packetized voice, wireline data, video distribution and cable network head-end devices.

Highly integrated and verified hardware and software components, reduced development costs and accelerating time-to-market allow customers to focus their development resources on critical, differentiating features that provide a competitive advantage.

The Centellis 2640 is designed to exceed the CP-TA B.4 thermal profile, the highest level possible. This superior thermal performance is achieved with a front-to-back cooling architecture and therefore is ideal both traditional telecommunications and enterprise environments.

Recent changes to GR-63 NEBS specification for telecom central office deployments have made front-to-rear cooling a mandatory feature for this type of equipment. Since six-slot systems from other ATCA suppliers typically have side-to-side cooling this has become an extremely important feature for smaller scale ATCA systems, and another example illustrating Artesyn's deep understanding of this market. The power infrastructure of the Centellis 2640 is designed to support AC and DC power inputs and provides up to 350 Watts/slot.

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  • 6-slot, 7U, 19" form factor
  • AC & DC power input options
  • All redundant field replaceable units (FRUs) included
  • Integrated Telco Alarm functionality
  • Front & rear cable management
  • CP-TA B.4 compliant thermal performance
  • Up to 350 Watts/blade power distribution
  • RoHS (6 of 6) compliant
  • Designed for NEBS/ETSI compliance (DC variants only)