ATCA-F14040G ATCA Switch Blade


The ATCA-F140 from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a high performance, high bandwidth 40G switch blade providing the networking infrastructure for Artesyn Centellis® 4440 platforms. This product is perfect for the most bandwidth intensive telecom and defense applications. Along with the maximum fabric bandwidth available, the ATCA-F140 includes several features to maximize platform cost effectiveness.

The total aggregated 480G internal fabric interface switching and routing throughput paired  with 160G of external connectivity is the basis for forming platform solutions in packet oriented bandwidth hungry environments like 4G wireless and video transport. Combining several functions within a single blade design allows end users to maximize billable Centellis platform slots with revenue-generating application blades. This is accomplished with a combination of factory build options as well as several field options. Optional functions include telecom clock generation and distribution, SATA based disk drives and an AdvancedMC™ (AMC) site for general processing and/or packet processing functions.

A powerful on-board service processor executes all L2 and L3 switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions independent of any processor AMC and/or SATA drive installed. This allows full, 100% utilization of the AMC based processor for end-user applications.



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