ATCA-F12510G ATCA Switch Blade


The ATCA-F125 from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a high density, cost-effective 10G switch blade for AdvancedTCA® platforms. Combining several ATCA® functions within a single blade design allows end users to maximize billable slots with revenue-generating application blades. This is accomplished with a combination of factory build options as well as several field options. Optional functions include telecom clock generation and distribution, SATA based hard drive devices (HDDs) and an AdvancedMC™ (AMC) site for general processing and/or packet processing functions.

Several applications can be easily mapped to the flexible configuration options provided by the ATCA-F125. One common application is to combine the ATCA base and fabric interface switching function with the System Management function. This is done using a processor AMC and an on-board SATA HDD.

Another application scenario is to combine the base and fabric interface switching function with a high performance, 10G packet processing AMC. Selecting different configuration options also allows for maximum external I/O via 1G and 10G Ethernet interfaces from the front panel and/or optional RTM.

Many more configurations are possible, all fully controlled using a software utility. Basic Blade Services (BBS) software is a fully integrated and verified software package available for the ATCA-F125. It includes carrier-grade Linux operating system (OS), all required device drivers and SRstackware® switch software.

A powerful on-board service processor executes all switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions independent of any processor AMC and/or SATA HDD installed. This allows full, 100% utilization of the AMC based processor for end-user applications.

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