ATCA-7540Dual-Star 40G Server Blade


The Artesyn Embedded Technology ATCA-7540 COTS server blade brings the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (codename Skylake) to ATCA®, extending both performance and longevity over existing server blades.

  • The use of the next generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codename Skylake) provides a performance and longevity improvement over existing blades
  • Adherence to the ATCA specification ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • I/O and crypto offload options future-proof designs
  • OS & I/O options help ensure a seamless upgrade path from existing systems and provides the tools & flexibility necessary for new deployments

ATCA is an open standard under PICMG® with a rich ecosystem of both blades and systems from many vendors. With its rugged design, 5-nines high availability (99.999%) and shallow footprint, ATCA has a strong history of deployment in both telecommunications central offices as well as shipborne and land-based defense applications.

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  • Two Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (codename Skylake)
  • Scalable performance range/core count
  • Up to 384GB main memory DDR4 via 12 VLP DIMM sockets with speeds of 2400 MT/s
  • Dual-star 40G Ethernet fabric
  • Choice of compatible rear transition modules for I/O and storage options
  • Dual on-board M.2 SSD sites
  • Optional configuration with crypto offload
  • Linux support
  • DPDK-ready