MaxCore™ Microserver Platforms

Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ platforms offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density serving the edge of the network.

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MaxCore™ IPC PlatformIndustrial PC

The Artesyn MaxCore™ Industrial PC (IPC) platform is a member of the MaxCore family with
flexibility to address a wide range of industrial applications. 

MaxCore™ IPC Platform

MaxCore™ PlatformVersatile and Dense Compute & Media Platform

The MaxCore Platform enables you to build an economical and application focused appliance within a short time. Flexibility is achieved through its capability to perfectly balance I/O, compute and compute-associated accelerators within the same box.

MaxCore™ Platform

PCIE-6001 Payload CardPCI Express Card for the MaxCore Platform

The Artesyn PCIE-6001 PCI Express payload card for the MaxCore™ platform provides up to
four independent SSD modules (sold separately) which can be directly attached to up to four CPUs on MaxCore server cards.

PCIE-6001 Payload Card

MaxCore™ High Availability PlatformHigh Availability Compute & Media Platform

MaxCoreHA is a highly available platform with scalable CPU performance in combination with off-the-shelf PCI Express cards including redundant 100G networking 


MaxCore™ High Availability Platform

PCIE-6002 Payload CardPCI Express Storage Card

The Artesyn PCIE-6002 PCI Express storage card provides up to four independent SSD modules (sold separately) which can be directly attached to any server CPU or up to four CPUs on  MaxCore™ server cards.

PCIE-6002 Payload Card

MaxCore™ Hyperscale PlatformHigh Density Compute and Media for Dell DSS 9000 Racks

The Artesyn MaxCorescalable PCI compute and I/O platform in Dell DSS 9000 system.

MaxCore™ Hyperscale Platform

MaxCore™ Micro PlatformVersatile Compute and Acceleration Platform

The MaxCore™ Micro is a low cost, versatile platform ideal for a wide range of applications. The versatile 2-slot PCIe platform is configurable for a wide range of applications.

MaxCore™ Micro Platform