Packet Processing Blades

A broad portfolio of packet processing blades, based on Cavium OCTEON or Intel Xeon processors, ideal for accelerating applications such as packet gateways, 4G wireless gateways, deep packet inspection, and network security.

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ATCA-7540 Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

The ATCA-7540 dual-star 40G server blade provides an ideal networking platform with flexible I/O connectivity and ultimate processing performance.

ATCA-7480-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

An ideal solution for defense systems requiring powerful data processing performance, flexible mass storage and network options

ATCA-7540-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

Bladed server platform with flexible I/O connectivity and ultimate processing performance

ATCA-7490 100/40G QuadStar™ Packet Processing/Server Blade

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' ATCA-7490 blade is the ideal work load unit for meeting demanding performance and network requirements in commercial, governmental and defense communications networks. 

ATCA-9405 40G ATCA Packet Processing Blade

Dual Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core processors, managed L2/L3 Ethernet switch, and a local dual-core service processor

ATCA-7480 QuadStar™ 40G Packet Processing/Server Blade

Dual 14-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 family processors

Up to 512GB memory across 16 DIMM sockets

Optional hardware crypto-accelerators

QuadStar™ interface