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Artesyn has the largest installed base of ATCA systems and blades with applications in communications, military, aerospace, security, surveillance, and signals intelligence.

SIL4 Certified Rail COTS ControlSafe® Platforms

Artesyn's ControlSafe® Platforms are application-ready SIL4 certified, fault-tolerant, fail-safe COTS systems for train control and rail signalling (ControlSafe® Compact Carborne platform certification pending).

MaxCore™ Microserver Platforms

Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ platforms offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density serving the edge of the network.

PCI Express Server Accelerators

Artesyn’s PCIe server accelerators enable existing servers to scale up to higher densities, and support higher-density traffic at a fraction of the cost and server footprint, ultimately reducing CapEx and OpEx costs.

Server Platforms

Artesyn’s carrier grade servers offer a range of compute and media processing densities that scale from edge to core of communications, broadcast, datacenter, military, and industrial networks. 


Artesyn has consistently worked to enhance VMEbus technology and now offers arguably the widest range of VME (MVME) single board computers (SBC) based on Freescale processors using the Power Architecture.


Computer-on-Modules (COMs) are highly integrated single-board computers that provide the core functionality of a system, allowing application-specific features to be designed onto a carrier board creating a semi-custom embedded PC solution.


CompactPCI technology offers the performance and processor independence of the PCI bus in a rugged, modular Eurocard form factor, creating a robust embedded computing technology that is ideal for industrial control and imaging applications.