Tempe, Ariz. [18 April, 2016] - At the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, (April 18th to 21st), Artesyn Embedded Technologies has collaborated with streaming video technology providers to demonstrate a range of applications enabling the move to virtualized cloudbased video transcoding.

These demonstrations show how Artesyn is helping broadcasters, operators, and content and service providers leverage virtualization and hardware acceleration technology to improve the functionality and performance of their network infrastructure while decreasing CapEx and OpEx, all using an open architecture and open source approach. Artesyn has collaborated with leading technology providers to integrate a range of demonstrations of multiple network functions, including:

  • Network functions virtualization (NFV) orchestration of accelerated, high density video transcoding with RIFT.io and Vantrix
  • High density AVC/HEVC multimedia transcoding with Pixtree
  • HEVC real-time or VOD encoding on Windows with Noisypeak
  • JPEG2000 encoding using NVIDIA GPUs with Comprimato
  • 10b422 HEVC encoding on Artesyn's MaxCore™ SharpServer™ featuring Intel®Xeon® D processor family using Vanguard Video V.265

NFV Orchestration of Accelerated, High Density Video Transcoding
RIFT.IO’s open source MANO application will orchestrate placement of Vantrix Media Platform virtual network functions (VNFs) in an Artesyn SharpStreamer™ 2U platform on an OpenStack Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA)-capable cloud infrastructure. Monitored metrics of the accelerated video transcoding have shown a greater than 20 times increase in performance per RU when compared to a standard dual-processor server through SharpStreamer acceleration.

Pixtree High Density AVC/HEVC Multimedia Transcoding
Pixtree, the multimedia broadcasting equipment provider, has enhanced its existing single-channel broadcasting equipment solution to higher density and added more flexibility thanks to Artesyn’s high density video acceleration products including the MaxCore™ platform and SharpStreamer™ add-in card.

Pixtree expects to commercialize various types of multimedia services with the integration of its multimedia engine and media framework technologies with Artesyn’s video acceleration platforms. Pixtree plans to supply its hardware-accelerated multimedia solution to terrestrial television companies, IPTV broadcasting companies, cable operators, and internet and OTT service providers.

Noisypeak Live Incoming Camera Transcoding on Windows
Noisypeak is a leading provider of advanced video over IP solutions for TV / video broadcasters, as well as corporate, government, professional sports and education applications. The company will demonstrate its core technology, the Uniform Encoding Engine (U-EN2), with a live transcode from incoming camera streams on an Artesyn SharpStreamer add-in PCI Express acceleration card in a Dell server running Microsoft Windows.

Video encoding solutions provided by Noisypeak enable smooth, high-quality, up to 4K/HEVC video delivery from almost any source to the wide range of connected devices over Internet and mobile networks.

Comprimato JPEG2000 Encoding using NVIDIA GPUs
Comprimato’s JPEG2000 Ultra HD software codec toolkit helps media and entertainment and geospatial imaging technology companies with ultra-high speed compression and life-like viewing experience. This demonstration shows Comprimato JPEG 2000 encoding on NVIDIA GPUs, illustrating third party hardware and software interoperability in the Artesyn MaxCore™ platform. Visitors can see JPEG 2000 transcoding performance using NVIDIA GPU and NVIDIA Maxwell GPU based AVC/HEVC Encoders (NvENC) and side-by-side video quality comparison between HEVC and JPEG2000.

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